English Key Book Class 4 for Primary Schools of Punjab

English Key Book Class 4 for Primary Schools of Punjab school education department. In Punjab education system, English language is compulsory subject from class 1 to class 8 (primary level) and then again from class 9 to 12 (secondary level). At the end of class 8, all students are expected to pass the 10th Class Board Exams with English language being one of the subjects. These Notes Key Book contains the solutions of all the questions asked in 4th Class English Language exam of Punjab Government with topics such as Parts of Speech, Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives etc. in PDF format.

This key book is useful for the examination of School based assessment in primary schools. Recently govt of Punjab changed the syllabus of all Punjab primary schools. The new syllabus is named as single national curriculum SNC. This syllabus totally different from the previous books syllabus. So many teachers and students are facing problem in teaching and learning this syllabus. Specially the English book of grade 4. But this English key book class 4 solve this problem.

English Key Books for Class 4:

The complete Key book is prepared as per latest syllabus prescribed by NCERT, CBSE and Punjab Curriculum. This key book contains all topics and questions relevant to class IV students. The language is simple enough to understand. The notes have been specially prepared keeping in mind that it should be useful to both students and teachers alike. All important points have been highlighted in each chapter along with their detailed explanation. Solved exercises are given at appropriate places in each chapter so that students can practice their writing skills.

List of Lessons with solution:

  1. Our Last Rasool Hazrat Muhammad Rasool Allah
  2. Scorpion and the Old Man
  3. Truth, Goodness and Usefulness
  4. The Peasant’s Reward
  5. Nature is Everywhere
  6. The farmer and the Baker
  7. A Road Accident
  8. Our National Flag
  9. The Global Problem
  10. Sand and Stone
  11. The Network of Networks
  12. Maryam and her Grandfather
  13. My Backyard Tree
SubjectEnglish Grade 4
Book NameEnglish Key Book Class 4
Number of pages92
SyllabusSingle National Curriculum (SNC)
Download linkDownload
English Key Book Class 4

Skills Covered In This Key Book:

  • Listening
  • Speaking
  • Reading
  • Writing
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