English MCQs Class 9th With Answer Keys

English MCQs for class 9th with answer keys. 9th class chapter-wise test English. 9th English complete textbook tests according to the new study scheme 2022-23. Punjab textbook unit-wise tests for the 9th grade. Download all chapter practice tests in pdf.

English MCQs Class 9th:

Some unique features of these practice tests are as follows.

  • Correct the spelling practice MCQs
  • Grammer practice tests
  • Sentence making practice
  • Direct and indirect questions with answers
  • Passage with translation questions
  • Important application
  • Important letters
  • Essays from past Punjab Board papers of 9th class
  • Meaning of underlined words
  • Answer short questions from textbook
  • Questions from past papers with solution
  • Translate into Urdu paragraph questions
  • Translate Urdu to English sentences
  • Passage with answer questions
  • Important stories
  • Application from previous Board papers

Download 9th English All Units Tests:

Test No.1Test No.2Test No.3Test No.4
Test No.5 Test No.6 Test No.7 Test No.8
Test No.9 Test No.10 Test No.11 Test No.12
Test No.13 Test No.14 Test No.15 Test No.16
Test No.17 Test No.18 Test No.19 Test No.20
Test No.21 Test No.22 Test No.23 Test No.24
Test No.25 Test No.26 Test No.27 Test No.28
Test No.29 Test No.30 Test No.31 Test No.32
9th English Tests

All the tests are according to the new pairing scheme of Punjab Boards session 2022-23. Best practice tests for self-assessment. Try to solve all the tests to achieve the highest marks in the annual examination in 2022-23.

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