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English Precis and Composition: The CSS Exam is also known as the Central Superior Service Exam. Candidates for jobs in the Federal Government (BS-17) are chosen based on how well they do on the CSS Exam. This test is given in Islamabad by the Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC). Here we are providing you with the Past Papers of CSS 2021 in pdf. You can download these papers in pdf.

English precis and composition used to be the bane of many students’ existence, but with the sheer amount of content that’s available online now, it’s important to know how to properly write an English composition.

Not only does it look good on your resume to have excellent writing skills, but it also helps you make well-informed decisions as you navigate your career. This article will show you what English precis and composition are and why they are so important in 2021 and beyond.

English Precis and Composition Importance:

Over 50% of global trade relies on English language business communications. Because English is becoming increasingly common as a lingua franca, the ability to write it correctly will become even more important over time. In fact, by 2021, we’ll need an estimated 40 million people with advanced English writing skills (equal to present-day Brazil).

That makes having solid English precis and composition skills—or learning them quickly—critical for career success. Luckily, writing is a skill that is fairly easy if you understand what goes into good writing: clarity, concision, and quality research. Those who learn these basics early on tend to find success in international business communication well before their competitors do.

What is an English Precis?

For those unfamiliar with precise, it’s simply a short summary of an important piece of writing, usually something that’s between 400 to 600 words. When it comes to academic writing, most people have experienced precis as a part of their college application process, whether they realize it or not. While some high schools may require essays, colleges (particularly competitive colleges) will often ask for precis instead.

There are a lot of reasons why prepaying is beneficial—it forces you to read something closely and critically analyze it, it’s great practice for advanced composition later on down the road—but one big reason is that many students don’t know how to write them well. You can learn how to write a good precis by following these steps.

Features of English Precis & Composition Papers:

Your paper should have a strong opening paragraph that grabs your reader’s attention. Your paper should also have several other paragraphs where you discuss your topic (with evidence to support each point). Finally, you will need a conclusion that restates your position on your topic and briefly summarizes your points. Remember: All papers are in double-spaced on standard 81⁄2 x 11-inch paper.

Things to Keep in Mind While Writing:

Your goal is to write an informative essay. At one time, nearly every college applicant needs to submit some type of writing sample. Of course, that is no longer true. The new trend is requiring something called a precis, which is similar to a brief summary or outline. Therefore, your best bet is to describe something concisely but thoroughly enough so that someone with little knowledge about your topic can still follow along with what you are saying.

Tips for Achieving Good Grades:

The English precis and composition paper will rely on basic principles that you learn early on in your college career. Be sure to pay attention to how professors teach such concepts as analyzing a text or evaluating a viewpoint or perspective. You’ll find that these skills are useful not only for succeeding with your English precis and composition papers but for other classes as well!

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