Essays Stories Letters Applications Notes for Primary

Here 3rd to 5th Class English Essays Stories Letters Applications Notes. Download 5th Class English study notes. Essays, Stories, Letters, the usage of sentences are simple and easy to understand. Outstanding 3rd to 5th Class English Study Notes. Easy 5th Class English Stories, Letters, Essays Application Notes. These notes prepare as aspect to the direction of SNC (Single Nation Curriculum). During preparing these note follow the all points of SNC.

Benefits of Easy Notes Series(Essays Stories Letters Applications)

  • These notices follow SNC directions.
  • It’s much easier than notes that students can easily remember.
  • These notes have been prepared in consultation with the primary teachers.
  • Simple wording is used in these notices.
  • This is especially useful for students with less memory.
  • With a little effort, students will easily remember.
  • In the primary sections, teachers face great difficulties for their children to prepare the English Essays, Stories, Letters and Applications.
  • These are the simplest notes that a student can easily memorize.
  • When students are given something to remember, if it was difficult, leave it instead of remembering it.
  • These are the simplest and easy notes for all types of pupils.
  • All the pupils learn it easily that is vital for all.
  • In these notes, we translate all things in Urdu that is the turning point of all the students.

Sample of Essay Stories Letters Applications:

Sample of Essay:

My School

The name of my school is Islamic Grammar School. It is near my house. It has a fine building. It has 15 rooms. All the rooms are big and airy. It has a beautiful office. It has a playground. We play in it. There are 300 students in it. All the teacher of our school are very able. We like our school very much.

Sample of Story:

A Thirsty Crow

Once there was a crow. One day it was very thirsty. It reached in a garden. It saw a pot there. There was a little water in it. Its peak could not teach the water. It put stones in it. The water rose up. It drank water and flew away.

Moral: Where there is will there is a way.

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