Every day Use Antonym and Synonym Book Pdf

Every day use antonym and synonym book in pdf download. All categories from A to Z synonyms and antonyms. All synonyms and antonyms are given with Urdu meaning and explanation sentences. How to use synonyms. uSE of antonyms.

Every day Use Antonym and Synonym:

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  • Sample test papers
  • Self-evaluation
  • Practice exercises
  • Special edition for beginners
  • Simple and easy to read and understand
  • A to Z complete series
  • Well structures and comprehensive
  • Increase language proficiency
  • Widely used synonyms and antonyms in all competitive examinations

Some Examples Of Antonym and Synonym:

Word: Abandon (verb)
Meaning: Leave behind, relinquish Synonyms: abdicate, desert, discard, discontinue, drop,
duck, flake out. leave, quit, run out on, screw, stop. storm out, surrender, withdraw

Example: We abandoned the old car in the empty parking lot.
Word: Abbreviate (verb)
Meaning To shorten a word by leaving out some letters.
Synonyms: abridge, abstract, boil down, clip, compress.
condense, contract, curtail, cut, cut off. cut out.
cutback, synopsize.

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