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Faridi Physics MCQs Class XI and XII Download Pdf

faridi physics

Faridi Physics MCQs Class XI and XII Download Pdf. All chapters mcq are fully solved with answer keys. Physics MCQs for F.sc part 1 & 2.

Faridi Physics MCQs

Here are some sample multiple choice questions from faridi physics mcq. First look at these example multiple choice questions of physics. You can download full notes of physics fsc part XI and XII. Download link is given at the end of this post.

The centre of mass of system of particles
(a) coincides with C.G
(b) does not coincide with C.G
(c) coincides with C.G in the uniform gravitational field
(d) none of these
Which one of the following is a spin motion
(a) the motion of the planets round the sun
(b) the motion of electron round the nucleus
(c) the motion of moon round the earth
(d) the daily rotation earth causing day and night
The total weight of body acts at
(a) its center
(b) its center of gravity
(c) its two point
(d) many points
A decibel is a
(a) musical instrument
(b) musical note
(c) measure of intensity level
(d) wavelength
A 252 Hz tuning fork produces four beats per second when sounded with another tuning fork of frequency
(a) 63 Hz
(b) 256 Hz
(c) 1008 Hz
(d) 252 Hz
The earthquake waves are the example of
(a) audible waves
(b) shock waves
(c) ultrasonic waves
(d) infrasonic waves
Which of the following frequency of the sound wave is audible
(a) 5000 Hz
(b) 5 Hz
(c) 2500 KHz
(d) 50 KHz
We recognize the voice of friend over the telephone by virtue of
(a) intensity
(b) loudness
(c) quality
(d) pitch
Which one of the following properties of sound is effected by change in temperature
(a) amplitude
(b) wavelength
(c) frequency
(d) intensity
Which of the following is compression al waves
(a) light waves
(b) water waves
(c) x – rays
(d) sound waves

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