FBR LDC Past Papers Download With Pdf

FBR LDC past papers with answer keys download in pdf. Federal Board of Revenue Lower Division Clerk solved past papers and test preparation notes and guide pdf. Past papers of Federal Board of Revenue LDC all regions including Islamabad LDC paper, Karachi LDC paper, Quetta FBR Lower Division Clerk paper, Peshawar paper, Gilgit-Baltistan Lower Division Clerk test 2023.

FBR LDC Past Papers 2023:

Read some sample Multiple choice questions from the LDC paper of 2023.

Quaid e Azam Born: None(1876)

Muslim League established: Dhaka

East India Company established: English

Aurangzeb died:1707

Muhammad bin Qasim Defeated Raja Dahir:712

Bahadar Shah Zafar Imprisoned: None (Burma)

Ideology of Pakistan is based: Islamic Ideology

After the battle of Plessey british annexed: Bangal

Lakhnow pack between: Hindhu & Muslim

khilafat movement started in india : Both A & B

Egypt is located in : Africa

Author of Pak National Anthem : Hafiz Jhalandri

Urdu word derived from: Turkish

Deepest Ocean of world : Pecific

UNO was established: after 2nd world war

LDC paper 2021 with keys

Here is a copy of the original FBR LDC paper held on 28-11-2023 with answer keys. This paper is from FBR Batch 2 Faisalabad region. Let’s review the complete paper given below.

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