Fsc 11th Biology Unit 12 Nutrition MCQs, Short and Long

Fsc 11th Biology unit 12 important MCQs, short and long questions. 1st year Biology chapter guess. Download fsc part 1 Biology unit wise notes in pdf.

Fsc 11th Biology Unit 12 Nutrition MCQs

Biology Unit 12 Nutrition MCQs|Short Questions|Long Questions|Fsc Part 1 Biology Chapter Wise Tests.

1. Which element is present in proteins?

a. a. Nitrogen
b. Phosphorus
c. Magnesium
d. Iron
2. Chlorophyll contains which of the following

a. a. Phosphorus
b. Nitrogen
c. Magnesium
d. Both b & c
3. Which one has iron?

a. a. Haemoglobin
b. Cytochrome
c. Chlorophyll
d. Both a & b
4. Symbiotic relationship between algae and fungi is called

a. a. Lichen
b. Root nodule
c. Mycorrhizae
d. All
5. Insectivorous plants are

a. a. Autotrophs
b. Heterotrophs
c. Both a & b
d. None
6. In which of the following insectivorous plants the leaf is bilobed with a midrib between them?

a. a. Pitcher plant
b. Venus flytrap
c. Sundew
d. None
7. Humus is

a. a. Inorganic material
b. Organic material
c. Both a & b
d. None
8. Well developed canines are present in

a. a. Herbivore
b. Carnivore
c. Both a & b
d. None
9. Freshwater mussel belongs to which category of feeders?

a. a. Fluid feeders
b. Filter feeders
c. Macrophagous feeders
d. Surface feeders
10. In Hydra which mode of feeding is present?

a. a. Tentacular
b. Scarping
c. Seizing prey
d. All
11. The sac-like digestive system is

a. a. More efficient
b. Less efficient
c. Deficient
d. Coefficient
12. AIDS was first of all reported in

a. a. In females in the 1980s
b. In males in 1977
c. In males in 1980 s
d. None
13. Reverse transcriptase is an enzyme that uses

a. a. Viral DNA as template
b. Viral RNA astemplate
c. Host DNA as a template
d. Host RNA as a template
14. The virus causing AIDS was named as HIV in the year

a. a. 1980
b. 1984
c. 1986
d. 1990
15. Of the following which one is a DNA virus?

a. a. Poliovirus
b. Influenza virus
c. Paramyxoviruses
d. Herpesvirus
16. Which virus is not spherical in shape?

a. a. Tubulovirus
b. Influenza virus
c. Herpesvirus
d. All
17. Virus nucleic acid and protein are synthesized by the

a. a. Virus
b. Host cell
c. Both of these
d. None
18. Prions are infectious agents, made up of

a. a. RNA
b. DNA
c. Protein
d. All
19. Of the following which is under the definition of vertebrate fish?

a. a. Shark fish
b. Crayfish
c. Jellyfish
d. Starfish
20. The kingdom Protista was introduced by the

a. a. R. Whittaker
b. John Hogg
c. Linnaeus
d. E. Haeckel
21. Phage viruses were named as bacteriophage by the

a. a. Twort
b. D’ Helle
c. Haeckel
d. None
22. Which one stimulates the secretion of gastric glands?

a. Secretin
b. Gastrin
c. Bile
d. Pancreatin
23. Gastrin Stimulates secretion of

a. Liver
b. Pancreas
c. Duodenum
d. Both a & b
24. The major storehouse of fat in the human body is

a. Abdomen
b. Under skin
c. Around kidneys
d. All
25. Sublingual glands are located below

a. Jaws
b. Ears
c. Tongue
d. Eyes
26. Trypsin converts the proteins into

a. Peptones
b. Dipeptides
c. Polypeptides
d. Both a & b
27. Sphincter at the end of the ileum is

a. Cardiac
b. Anal sphincter
c. Ileocoelic
d. Pyloric sphincter
28. Parietal cells produce

a. Mucous
b. HCI
c. Pepsin
d. Pepsinogen
29. Goblet provide

a. Protection
b. Nourishment
c. Necrosis
d. Mobility
30. In lacteal which type of food is digested?

a. Starch
b. Fats
c. Proteins
d. All
31. The green color of bile is due to

a. Hemoglobin
b. Bilirubin
c. Cholesterol
d. All

Fsc 11th Biology Unit 12 Nutrition Short Questions

  1. Name the parts of foregut, midgut and hindgut in cockroach
  2. What is nematocyst? Draw labeled diagram of discharged nematocyst
  3. Differentiate b/w Obligate and Facultative parasite
  4. How amoeba capture and eliminate food?
  5. What is the macrophagous type of feeding? Name its types
  6. Discuss the mechanism of digestion and absorption of food by the pitcher plant
  7. Why are these famous for
  8. a. E. Haeckel
  9. b. Chatton
  10. Define species and virus
  11. Differentiate b/w Virion and Prion

10   Name five kingdoms of classification

  1. Give the classification of corn
  2. Define Binomial nomenclature. What is the botanical name of Brinjal?

Fsc 11th Biology Long Questions

a). Describe digestion in amoeba

b). Discuss various functions of Liver

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