Fsc 1st Year Biology Unit 9 Kingdom Plantae MCQs, Short and Long

Fsc 1st Year Biology Unit 9 Kingdom Plantae MCQs

Unit 9 Kingdom Plantae of Fsc Biology Part 1 important MCQs, short questions, and long questions from past papers of fsc annual exam.

1. Which is not part of carpel?
a. Microsporangium
b. Stigma
c. Style
d. Ovary
2. In angiosperms which one develops to form embryo?
a. Haploid egg b. Oospore c. Endosperm nucleus d. All
3. It is the largest family of flowering plants
a. Papilionaceae
b. Caesalpianaceae
c. Poaceae
d. Mimosaceae
4. Which plant is planted in arid zones for breaking wind pressure?
a. Cassia fistula
b. Parkinsonia
c. Bamboo
d. Prosopis
5. In poaceae, Gynoecium consists of how many carpels
a. One carpel
b. Two united carpels
c. Three united carpels
d. Many carpels
6. Leaves of cassia alata are used to cure
a. Skin disease
b. Blood diseases
c. Lung diseases
d. Brain diseases
7. Gram , pea, kidney beans are the examples of
a. Poaceae
b. Mimosaceae
c. Rosaceae
d. Fabaceae
8. Which plant group have vascular bundles in the form of ring
a. Bryophytes
b. Dicots
c. Monocots
d. Horsetails
9. Megaspore germinate to form
a. Male gametophyte
b. Female gametophyte
c. Megagametophyte
d. b + c
10. Circinate pattern of leaf is an important character of
a. Ferns
b. Mosses
c. Clubmosses
d. Gymnosperms
11. Female gametophyte of fern is called
a. Pollen tube
b. Ovule
c. Thallus
d. Prothallus
12. Protonema is formed in class
a. Hepaticopsida
b. Bryopsida
c. Anthoceropsida
d. All
13. Evolution of pollen tube represents
a. Evolution of flower
b. Evolution of leaf
c. Evolution of seed
d. All
14. Pick out unmatched pair
a. Female gametophyte – embryo
b. Megasporangium seed
c. Megasporophyll – carpel
d. Ovuliferous scale – male cone
15. Earliest group of vascular plant is
a. Psilophyta
b. Lycopsida
c. Pteropsida
d. Sphenopsida

Fsc 1st Year Biology Unit 9 Short Questions

  1. Define ovule. What are integuments
  2. Define alternation of a generation? Which generation is dominant in vascular plants
  3. Define flower. Name its different parts
  4. Differentiate b/w monocots and dicots (only two points for each)
  5. Write the uses of
  6. a). Atropa belladonna b). Cassia Obovata
  7. Define double fertilization. In which group of plants it is found?
  8. Write down the distinguishing characters of bryophytes

Fsc 1st Year Biology Unit 9 Kingdom Plantae Long Questions

a. Describe the evolution of leaf
b. Differentiate b/w Heterospory and Heterogamy

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