Chapter 7 Kingdom Protista Important Questions

Kingdom Protista important questions MCQs, short questions, and long questions. FSC 1st-year Biology chapter-wise solved notes for the preparation of the annual examination. All the questions are according to the new study scheme of the following Boards.

  • Punjab Board of Higher Secondary Education
  • Federal Board
  • KPK Board
  • Sindh Board
  • AJ&K Board

Unit 7 Kingdom Protista Important Questions

Fsc 11th Biology Chapter 7 Kingdom Protista important questions. It contains important MCQs and Short questions. It also includes important long questions.

Unit 7 Kingdom Protista Important Short Questions

  1. Write two characteristics of slime molds
  2. Write two characteristics of oomycotes
  3. Describe the followings

(a) Trypanosoma

(b) Phytophthora infestans

  1. What are the similarities b/w fungus-like protests and fungi
  2. What are kelps and red tides?
  3. What is the phylum of Red algae and brown algae?

Unit 7 Important Long Questions

Write a note on the following.

  1. Euglenoids
  2. Zoo flagellates

11th Biology Chapter 7 Important MCQs

1. These are the major producers of the aquatic ecosystem

a. Green algae
b. Diatoms
c. Euglenoids
d. Brown algae
2. Which structure is lacking in algae?

a. Root
b. Stem and leaves
c. Vascular tissue
d. All
3. Which is not on the list of green algae?

a. Fucus
b. Ulva
c. Acetabularia
d. Spirogyra
4. In their form and structure, green algae may be

a. Unicellular
b. Colonial
c. Multicellular
d. All
5. Laminaria is an example of

a. Diatoms
b. Brown algae
c. Red algae
d. Green algae
6. Algae has been classified on the basis of

a. Form and structure
b. Locomotion
c. Pigment composition
d. All
7. In which group of algae locomotory structures are absent?

a. Dinoflagellates
b. Green algae
c. Brown algae
d. Red algae
8. Which group of algae are closely related to zooflagellates?

a. Euglenoids
b. Diatoms
c. Brown algae
d. Dinoflagellates
9. Parasitic protozoans that form spores at some stage in their lives belong to which group?

a. Ciliates
b. Apicomplexans
c. Zooflagellates
d. Actinopods
10. The feeding stage of slime mold is called

a. Plasmodium
b. Mycelium
c. Hyphae
d. Psendopodium

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