Fsc Chemistry Unit 5 Past Papers MCQs With Answer

Fsc chemistry unit 5 The Halogens and The Noble Gases MCQs with answer pdf. Intermediate part 2 chemistry past papers chapter-wise MCQs. Board of Intermediate and secondary education Lahore, Multan, Gujranwala, Bahawalpur, Faisalabad, Rawalpindi, Federal Board, AJK Board MCQs.

Fsc Chemistry Unit 5 Past Papers MCQs

The Halogens and The Noble Gases
(From Previous Board Papers 2014-2015-2016-2017-2018)

Which of the following statement is correct?(LHR. GI, 2014)
(A) Bond energy of F2 is less than Cl,
(C) Bond energy of Cl2 is less than F2
(B) Bond energy of F2 is less than 12
(D) Bond energy of Cl2 is less than Bra

Which one of halogens is a liquid? (RWP. 2016
(B) CI2
(C) Br2
(D) 12

Which one is perchloric acid? (LIIR. GII, 2015) (FBD, SWL, 2018
(D) HC104

Melting points of halogens (FBD. 2017
(A) Decrease down
(B) Increase down
(C) Remain same throughout
(D) First increase then decrease

The hydrogen bond is the strongest between in the molecule of: (FBD. GII, SWL. 2014
(MLN. GI, BWP. AJK, SWL. 2015)(DGK. GII, SGD, GI, AJK. DGK. GI, 2016) (BWP. GI, SWL. GI, 2017
(GRW, DGK. 2018
(A) HF
(C) HBr
(D) HI

Which halogen will react spontaneously with Au(s) to produce Au3+? (GRW. 2014
(A) Br2
(B) F2
(C) (2
(D) Cl2

The anhydride of HCIO, is: (GRW. RWP. 2014)(GRW. GII, SGD. GII, 201
(MLN. GI, 2017)(GRW. GI, DGK. GI, BWP. GI, 2015) (LHR. GI, MLN, BWP. GI & GII, 201
(A) CIO3
(B) CIO2
(C) C1205
(S) C1207

The radius of Fion is: (FBD. GI, 201
(A) 72 pm
(B) 136 pm
(C) 99 pm
(D) 181 pm

Which is the strongest acid? (LHR. 2014)(LHR. FBD. SGD. 2015)(SWL. 2016)(FBD. SWL. MLN. GII, 201
(D) HCC04

Which one is chlorous acid? (DGK. GII, 201
(B) CLO2
( (C) HCIO3
(D) HC104

The weakest oxyacid of Cl is? (GRW. GII. 20
(А) Нcio
(D) HC104

is used as a cooling medium for nuclear reactors. (MLN. GII, 20
(B) He
(C) Ar
(A) Ne
(D) Kr

Which of the following noble gas is used for arc welding and cutting. (LHR. GII, 20
(B) Argon
(B) Xenon
(C) Helium
(D) Radon


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