General Science Grade 4 Book In Urdu Medium Notes

General Science Grade 4 textbook in Urdu from the syllabus of SNC (single national curriculum). Grade 4 Science Text Book in Urdu Medium. As you know that Govt of Punjab’s school education department provides free books for all classes from grade 1 to 10th. But all those free books are written in English medium.

And most govt schools in Punjab Pakistan teach the subjects in Urdu. For this reason, many students feel difficulty while studying. But we have solved this problem by providing the Grade 4 Science Book in Urdu translation.

Book NameScience
PublisherPunjab Text Board
Grade 4 General Science Urdu Medium

General Science Grade 4 Units:

  1. جانداروں کی خصوصیات اور زندگی کا عمل | مر حلہ
  2. ایکو سسٹم
  3. انسانی صحت
  4. مادہ اور اس کی خصوصیات
  5. توانائی کی حالتیں اور توانائی کی منتقلی
  6. فورس اور موشن
  7. زمین اور اس کے وسائل
  8. زمین کا موسم اور آب و ہوا
  9. نظام سخی اور ہماری زمین
  10. روز مرہ زندگی میں ٹیکنالوجی

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Grade 4 Science Urdu Medium

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