Genius Physics Book Fsc Part 1 and 2 PDF Download

genius physics book

Genius Physics Book for fsc part 1 and 2. This book contains important numerical values and unit wise mcqs with answer keys. All mcqs are collected from past papers of fsc annual examination.

Genius Physics Book Fsc

List of Table of contents genius Physics book chapter wise.

Vectors & Equilibrium
Force & Motion
Work & Energy
Rotational & Circular Motion
Fluid Mechanics
Physical Optics
Current Electricity
Electromagnetic Induction
AC Circuits
Physics of Solids
Dawn of Modern Physics
Atomic Spectra
Nuclear Physics

Sample MCQs From This Book

1. The standard with which things are
compared is called as;
a. Measurement
b. Derived quantity
c. Unit
d. None of these

  1. Which of the following is not a physical quantity?
    a. Momentum
    b. Time
    c. Radius
    d. Point
  2. Which of the following is a standard quantity?
    a. Gravitational field intensity
    b. Magnetic field intensity
    c. Electric filed intensity
    d. Luminousintens’W/0′”:4d I4kmBQ
  3. Which of the following is a derived quantity
    a. Luminous intensity
    b. Length
    c. Electric current
    d. None of above
  4. Which of the following is the pair of non-Sl units of length and mass respectively;
    a. Angstrom & atomic mass unit
    b. Meter and ounce
    c. Feet and kilogram
    d. Meter and kilogram
  5. The unit of mass in Gaussian system is? “
    b. kg
    C. g
    d. cB
  6. If the area of the circle is equal to circumference of the circle then the radius of the circle is;
    a. 1
    b. 2
    C. 3
    d. 4 i(2005)i
  7. The angle subtended by the circumference of a circle at its center is;
    a. 2tt radian
    b. n radian
    c. 270 degrees
    d. IBO degrees ;(2005);
  8. The angle subtended at the centre of a sphere by ah area of its surface equal to the of radius of the sphere?
    a. I steradian
    b. lradian
    c. 2 steradian
    d. None(bAjHD
  9. A steradian can also be called as;
    a. Radian .
    b. Metaradian
    c. Squared radian
    d. All
  10. The angle subtended at the Centre of a sphere by its surface area is equal to;
    a. :A radian
    b. :]t radian
    c. 4n radian
    d. 4k steradian 42011);
  11. The number 350,000,000 m is equal to?
    a. 3.5 X 10″‘
    b. 3.5xlOhn
    C. 0.35 X jQ4 m
    d. 3.5x 1O”$m
  12. The number 0.001234 can be written as;

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