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Genius Series MCQs Quarter Book Test NMDCAT 2021

genius series mcqs

Genius series MCQs Quarter book test for NMDCAT 2021 examination. MCQs of mdcat Biology, Physics, Chemistry and English in pdf.

Genius Series MCQs:

We know that you are looking for the Geniu series Multiple choice questions. Which are mostly used for the preparation of MDCAT(Medical&Dental college admission test).

So we have collected most important MCQs from genius series MCQs book. This paper contains all subjects MCQs. These MCQs are from the syllabus and topics of PMC MDCAT 2021.

Lets read some example Multiple choice questions from genius academy test of Quarter book.

Sample MCQs From Genius Edwardian:

Which polysaccharide is important for arthropods exoskeleton
(a) Cellulose
(b) chitin
(c) glycogen
(d) starch

Which one is called as blood sugar
(a) Fructose
(b) glucose
(c) erythrose
(d) sucrose

glycogen can be stored where
(a) liver and kidney
(b) kidney and muscles
(c) liver and muscles
(d) none

peptide bond is form between which atoms.
(a) C and O
(b) C and N
(c) N and O
(d) C and C

Genius Academy Biology MCQs Part:

In sickle cell anemia glutamic acid is replace by which one
(a) Serine
(b) valine
(c) lysine
(d) glutamate

All are fibrous protein except
(a) Keratin
(b) myosin
(c) collagen
(d) albumen

The number of fatty acids in triglyceride is how muc
( a) 2
(b) 3
(C) 4
(d) 5

How many carbon atom are present in palmiticacid
(a) 15

Genius MCQs Summary:

We hope these MCQs of Genius series MCQs Quarter Book will help you in MDCAT 2021. While this test paper can be used for the assessment of students preparation.

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