Geography Inter Part 1 & 2 New Syllabus With Pairing Scheme 2022

Geography Inter Part 1

Geography Inter Part 1 & 2 new syllabus for the session of 2022-23. BISE Lahore has issued the new syllabus and study scheme for the subject of Geography, intermediate parts I & II. Geography distribution marks are as follows.

Study Scheme Geography

Physical Geography Inter Part 1 Topics List:

  • Definition, History, Scope of Geography,
  • Introduction to physical Geography
  • Branches of Physical geography
  • Universe, solar system and Earth
  • Land and water distribution

Structure of the Earth and Lithosphere:

  • Internal structure of the Earth
  • Plate Tectonics
  • Volcanism
  • Earthquakes
  • Rocks


  • Major Landforms
  • Mountains
  • Plateaus
  • Plains
  • Denudation
  • Weathering
  • Mass Wasting
  • The landforms made by river
  • Landforms made by glaciers
  • The Landforms made by wind
  • Landforms made by waves
  • Introduction
  • Composition of atmosphere
  • Structure of’ atmosphere
  • Atmosphere Temperature
  • insolation
  • Horizontal distribution of temperature
  • Vertical distribution of atmosphere
Global Circulation:
  • Atmospheric pressure
  • Pressure distribution over the earth surface
  • Winds
  • Relationship between pressure and wind Planetary winds
  • Seasonal wind
  • Local wind

You can download complete list of new study scheme topics 2022 from the below link. For more updates kindly visit the Home page of this blog.

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