God Be Praised Lesson Synonyms 11th English

God Be Praised lesson synonyms without answer keys. Fsc english part 1 lesson God be praised important synonyms and important short questions. All synonyms and short questions are only for english assessments for students and teachers as well as for academies.

God Be Praised Lesson Synonyms

Here are all important synonyms of 11th english lesson God Be Praised.

The shoe-maker could wangle ten rupees from anyone for the shoes.

(a) paid

(b) bestowed

(c) drive

(d) gave

Abul’s wife blurted out prayer for her husband.

(a) called out

(b) cursed

(c) make out

(d) gave out

Abul bought the cloth with flowers nestling amidst yellow dots.

(a) supporting

(b) snuggling

(c) fighting

(d) matching

Abul’s voice was resonant.

(a) dim

(b) dull

(c) bleak

(d) echoing

Abul had two sources of inspiration in which he had implicit faith.

(a) perfect

(b) explicit

(c) incomplete

(d) deficient

Sweet smell lingered in the lanes whenever Abul passed through them.

(a) disappeared

(b) persisted

(c) vanished

(d) non-existent

Fatehdad reprimanded Abul for his mistake.

(a) rebuked

(b) admired

(c) appreciated

(d) helped

A crowd gathered there to watch the proceeding of inauguration.

(a) fight

(b) gaiety

(c) process

(d) ugliness

Abul had bulging eyes.

(a) narrow

(b) big

(c) swelling

(d) tiny

Abul was caught in the whirl of life.

(a) wind

(b) dust

(c) water

(d) problem

 Multiple Choice Questions

Who was the member of District Board?

(a) Son of fatehdad

(b) Shamim

(c) Chuadhary Fatehdad

(d) Abul

What did Abul’s wife teach the girls of the village?

(a)  cooking

(b) Persian

(c) The Holy Quran

(d) English

How did Chaudhry consider his daily offering to Abul?

(a) a fun


(c) a part of his daily worship

(d) a burden

Where did Abul’s wife save extra money?

(a) in a cabinet

(b)  in wooden box

(c) in a tin box

(d) in a piece of cloth

What was the name of the youngest daughter of Abul?

(a) Shamsun

(b) Zaibunnisa

(c) Umda

(d) Mehrunnisa

Important Short Questions of God Be Praised

  1. What did the shoe maker tell Maulvi Abul about the cost of the shoes?
  2. What sort of mistakes did Maulvi Abul make in the prayers?
  3. What should Chaudhry Fatehdad do if there was delay in sending the evening meal to Maulvi Saheb’s house?
  4. What happened in Maulvi Abul’s house when Chaudhry Fatehdad gave them new clothes?
  5. How did Abul open his heart to Chaudhry Fatehdad?

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