Golden Series MCQs Book Biology Part 1 PDF Download

Golden Series MCQs Book Biology Part 1 PDF Download. This Book contains chapter wise key points and Multiple choice questions with answer keys.

Golden Series MCQs Book Biology

Here are some example multiple choice questions and key points from golden series Biology book part 1.

  1. Macronutrients tend to be less available at PH?
    a. high
    b. low
    c. neutral
    d. 6.4
  2. Phytochrome “Pfr” absorbs far-red light of wavelength:
    a. 600 nm
    b. 660 nm
    c. 560 nm
    d. 730 nm
  3. In a sugar sink, such as tap root, sugar is converted into?
    a. fatty acid
    b. protein
    c. glycogen
    d. starch
  4. Plants are able to detect photoperiod changes by the?
    a. alternation of the two forms of photochromic
    b. settling of amyloplasts
    c. the direction of the light source
    d. movement of potassium ions
  5. Lime is added to the soil to make it:
    a. more acidic
    b. less acidic
    c. less basic
    d. none
  6. A hormone that helps in growing seedless grapes is:
    a. axons
    b. cytokine
    c. ethylene
    d. gibberellin
  7. Micronutrients tend to be less available at pH?
    a. high
    b. low
    c. neutral
    d. none
  8. Select the mineral that is considered a macronutrient.
    a. Phosphorous
    b. zinc
    c. iron
    d. iodine
  9. Which of the following is a primary micronutrient?
    a. Ca
    b. Mg
    C. S
    d. none
    I0. provides) the major force for the movement of water and solutes from roots to leaves?
    a. translocation
    b. bulk flow
    c. transpiration
    d. root pressure
    11.Which bonds are responsible for the cohesion of water molecules?
    a. ionic bond
    b. hydrogen bond
    c, non-polar covalent bond

Golden Biology Some Key Points Examples

  1. Digestion involves mixing food with digestive juices, moving it through the digestive tract, and breaking down large molecules o food into smaller molecules.
  2. Digestion starts from the mouth and is completed in the small intestine.
  3. In mechanical digestion the breakdown of food occurs with the help of a muscular activity.
  4. Chewing of food in the mouth is called Mastication.

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