Grade 1 Mathematics Solutions Download PDF

Grade 1 Mathematics Solutions are presenting in simple way. The way of answering is very well. We try to provide good material to the students. We present mathematics solution for class 1. That is the more convenient and easy to understandable. The solution notes of math according to Single Nation Curriculum SNC and Punjab Text Curriculum Board PTCB.

This notice is in accordance with the syllabus. These notices contain solutions to all questions in English and Urdu. Using the language in the solutions is a very good and easy way. Download math solutions for grade 1 in PDF format.

Silent Features of Grade 1 Mathematics Solutions

  • Easy to Understandable
  • Feature and visual images
  • Easy to readable
  • Use simple wording
  • Short Solutions
  • Helpful material both for teachers and students
  • Urdu and English medium
  • Complete solutions
  • Provide examples and hints
  • Valuable Notes

Table of Content

  • Whole Numbers Unit No.1 Page No.1
  • Number Operations Unit No.2 Page No.9
  • Measurement No.3 Page No.19
  • Money No.4 Page No.22
  • Time No.5 Page No.26
  • Geometry Unit No.6 Page No.28
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