GRADE 3 SUMMATIVE ASSESSMENT test paper of all subjects like English, Mathematics, Science, and Urdu. An assessment or summative assessment is an important tool that helps teachers determine how well their students have learned the material throughout the year.

A summative assessment is typically at the end of the year in each subject area and usually consists of multiple-choice questions on concepts that students study all year long. For example, teachers might give a math test at the end of the year to determine whether students have mastered their addition and subtraction skills throughout the year, or whether they need additional instruction in these areas before moving on to multiplication and division. Read more Grade 4 assessment papers


Grade 3 English is an elective subject for children between 9 and 11 years old. Children learn how to write in a variety of ways, from telling stories to writing different types of poetry, including sonnets. Teachers must be aware of each child’s individual strengths and weaknesses, particularly when it comes to writing.

For instance, some children struggle with spelling and grammar while others have trouble with long sentences. Writing is one of three main skills in the Grade 3 curriculum (the other two being numeracy and literacy). To ensure that students are meeting relevant benchmarks in each skill area, teachers must complete periodic assessments on their students.

Mathematics Summative Assessment:

Answering these questions correctly will give you a score of 80% or more. If you are not scoring well on any particular question then please study harder and get back to us as soon as possible with your answers so that we can help you understand how to do better. The following questions include example solutions for each problem to make it easier for you. So don’t forget to look at them carefully. Remember, on test day, there is no one that can tell you what is correct or incorrect in any question so try your best and ask yourself if each answer makes sense before putting your pencil down. Thank You!

Grade 3 Science:

This activity will give you an overview of what to expect on your Grade 3 Science paper. The purpose of your assessment is to assess whether you have taught and assessed science as required by Alberta Education curriculum expectations. You should use both content and process evidence from your classroom or learning environment when answering questions.

It is very important that you put your own thoughts down in order to better understand what information is necessary. So be sure to include evidence about yourself in your answer to each question. Be sure not to tell how students should answer these questions but rather how they answered them during instruction/assessment.


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