Grade 3 School-Based-Assessment of All Subjects | SBA 2023

Grade 3 school-based assessment of all subjects according to SNC (single national curriculum) with keys. Download item bank of School-based-assessment 2022 pdf. All the item banks of the SBA 2023 pdf are issued by the PEC (Punjab examination commission). SBA 2023 item bank paper of English, Mathematics, Science, Urdu, General Knowledge, Ethics, and Islamiat.

English Paper
MCQs Objective Paper A
Answer Key
Subjective Paper B
English SBA Papers

Download all papers in pdf. The list of Large scale assessment 2023 subjects with SBA 2023 item bank is given below. These item banks are issued for the teachers of Govt and Private schools. They will conduct the assessment according to the guidelines of PEC. Before the conduction of this assessment, PEC officially issued the guidelines.

These item banks of school-based-assessment are from the SNC (single national curriculum). While the Govt of Punjab makes the SBA conduction compulsory for all class nurseries to grade 8. The conduction of the School-based-assessment method is very simple. Simply download the item bank which is in pdf. All subject’s papers are premade. You need to print these papers and distribute them to the students on a paper day.

  • English SBA paper 2023
  • Mathematics SBA paper
  • Urdu SBA 2023 item bank
  • Islamiat paper
  • Science paper
  • Ethics paper

Grade 3 School-Based Assessment 2023 PDF English:

  1. Use a mask & keep at least 3 ft. distance from each other.
  2. Read carefully and attempt all questions.
  3. Encircle the correct option of each of the Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) as shown in the example given below. Here are some sample MCQs from the Class 3 English subject. Read the example MCQs

Identify digraph in “Chair”.
a) CH
b) HA
c) AI
d) IR

Identify the word which has a digraph.
a) Sheep
b) Goat
c) Camel
d) Lion

Choose the word having a trigraph.
a) Girl
b) Study
c) Watch
d) Window

Urdu Paper SBA 2023:

Download class 3 Urdu paper with answer keys in pdf. All versions of the paper are given in this file. Each paper contains 6 MCQs with each option. You are directed to choose only 4 MCQs according to your choice. Look at some examples of MCQs from Urdu paper Grade 3. Manage the paper according to your needs.

Urdu Medium
Objective Paper A
Answer Key
Subjective Part B
Class 3rd Urdu SBA Papers

Mathematics Paper of School-Based Assessment:

Here you can download the complete item bank of SBA 2022 Grade 3 Mathematics in PDF. This item bank is according to the SNC single national curriculum.

MCQs Paper
Answer Key
Subjective B
Math Papers for Grade 3 School-Based Assessment

Islamiat Paper SBA 2023 BY PEC:

Download Islamiat school-based-assessment 2023 pdf. The item bank of SBA 2023 Islamiat is also from the SNC syllabus 2023. To facilitate the teachers we compose a paper from the item bank. You just need to download the file and print it. Remember to distribute this paper only on a paper day schedule by PEC.

MCQs Paper
Answer Key
Subjective B
Islamiat Grade 3 SBA 2023

Ethics Paper 2023 SBA:

Download ethics school-based-assessment pdf 2023. This paper is composed only for non-Muslims. If some students study in your school who belong to minorities. Then download and print this item bank of SBA Islamiat.

Download Paper ADownload Paper BDownload A KeysDownload B Rubrics
Grade 3 Ethics SBA 2023

You may also like to download the School-based assessment papers for grade 2 classe.

General Knowledge paper:

Answer Key
GK Grade 3rd Papers

Teaching Holy Quran Nazra Paper 2023:

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