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Grade 4 SBA

Grade 4 School-Based Assessment All Subjects |SBA 2022

Grade 4 school-based assessment of all subjects in pdf. SBA papers of English with answer class 4 session 2022 by PEC. 4th class Science paper for school-based assessment 2022. School-based assessment paper of Mathematics class 4. Islamiat, Urdu, Ethics/Social study SBA item bank from PEC in pdf.

Grade 4 School-Based Assessment Of English:

Read the instructions carefully. Here are some examples of SBA 2022 item bank MCQs. You can download the papers at the end of this post.

  1. Use mask & keep at least 3 ft. distance from each other.
  2. Read carefully and attempt all questions.
  3. Encircle the correct option of each of the Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) as shown in the example given Example:       I am _____ my homework.

a) does
b) do
c) doing
d) did

When introducing ourselves, we should say:
a) My name is Ali.
b) Your name is Aliyan.
c) Her name is Ayesha.
d) His name is Shan.

On my first day in school, the teacher asked me for my introduction as:
a) What is your name?
b) Do your work.
c) How to work?
d) Don’t go anywhere.

How do you introduce your friend to the class? Choose the correct statement.
a) This is my friend Ali.
b) Do you have friends?
c) My name is Ali.
d) How many friends do you have?

SBA Urdu Paper Class 4:

School-based assessment paper of Urdu by Punjab examination commission item bank. Download all versions of Urdu papers from the below link. All instructions are given in the paper while making the paper. Just download the pdf file and print the paper all done.

Mathematics Paper Of School-Based Assessment Grade 4:

School-based assessment item bank paper of Mathematics grade 4. This paper is shared by PEC for the SBA examination session 2022. Download all versions of the paper from the link given below. First look at sample MCQ question from grade 4 Mathematics paper.

Nine hundred million, three thousand, five in figures is:
a) 900,300,5
b) 900,030,05
c) 900,003,005
d) 900,003,500

Six hundred million, three thousand in figures is:
a) 600,30,000
b) 600,300,000
c) 600,000,300
d) 600,003,000

Twenty Five thousand, six hundred in figure is:
a) 25,600
b) 250,600
c) 250,600
d) 250,00,06

Science Grade 4 School-Based Assessment Paper:

PEC item bank of Science class 4 with all versions of SBA 2022. Sample questions from Science Grade 4 are given below.

Which of the following is the correct statement?
a) Animals can grow while plants cannot grow
b) Animals cannot move while plants can move
c) Animals and plants both can reproduce.
d) Animals and plants both cannot reproduce

Which living organism uses sunlight for the production of food?
a) Fish
b) Parrot
c) Lion
d) Rose

Which one of the following animals flies in the air?
a) Fish
b) Pigeon
c) Frog
d) Human

Islamiat Grade 4 SBA Paper 2022:

Look at some example MCQs from Islamiat item bank of SBA by PEC.

Practicing the pillars of Islam regularly is called:

right of Allah Almighty
rights of society
right of human
rights of parents

Social Studies SBA Paper 2022:

Download complete set of item bank social study by PEC for SBA 2022. Before you download the paper read the following MCQs from the paper of social studies class 4.

Basically, the globe is:
a) round
b) square
c) elliptical
d) rectangular

If we will look at earth from space, height, or from an airplane it will appear:
a) round
b) flat
c) rough
d) black

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