Grade 5 School-Based Assessment Papers 2023 All Subjects Pdf

Grade 5 School-Based Assessment papers 2023 of all subjects with answer keys. 5th class SBA item bank of all subjects English, Urdu, Science, Mathematics, Social Studies/Geography, Islamiat, Ethics and Nazra Quran provided by Punjab examination commission (PEC). Grade 5 SBA Papers 2023 download in pdf with solution.

The papers for SBA 2023 grade 5 are in Urdu and English medium with answer keys. All the papers and PEC Model papers 2023 are for the PEC Board annual examination papers for govt and private schools in Punjab Pakistan.

Grade 5 School-Based Assessment Papers 2023:

Simply download the paper and print them. This is a gift for the teachers. These are pre-made papers for all subjects of grade 5 SBA 2023 Download PEC SBA item bank of all major subjects with answer keys in pdf.

Punjab Examination Commission of Pakistan has issued an item bank for the final examination of grades 1 to Grade 8. In this school-based assessment, all schools in Punjab will conduct the examination.

The papers will be generated online from the PEC site. Each school has its own login user name and password. All Govt schools will have to generate all papers from the link given above.

All papers will be generated online from the profile of each school. But we have collected those items in bank papers to facilitate the teachers. You can download all subject papers for Grade 5. The file of the grade 5 item bank can be downloaded at the end of this post.

Grade 5 Mathematics SBA Paper 2023:

Most important subject in class 6 is Math. So for the preparation of upcoming annual examination 2023 download all subjects pre-made papers in pdf. Paper has 100 total marks. Grade 6 Mathematics paper contain two parts 1st part contain MCQs of 50 marks & 50 marks of subjective part paper B with short and long questions. Before you download the paper file we recommend you read these sample Multiple choice questions from the 5th class math paper.

Mathematics Paper APaper B MathematicsKeys
5th Grade Math School-Based-Assessment

Q.No.1. 8000 +41 =
(a) 8041
(b) 8410
(c) 12100
(d) 80041

Q.No.2. 76925 – 5986 =
(a) 70919
(b) 70929
(c) 70939
(d) 70992

Q.No.3. 621040 × 10 =
(a) 620140
(b) 621040
(c) 6201400
(d) 6210400

Q.No.4. 2850 ÷ 10=
(a) 258
(b) 285
(c) 259
(d) 295

Q.No.5. 10 + (28 ÷ 7)
(a) 10
(b) 14
(c) 38
(d) 45

Q.No.6. LCM of 3, 6, 9 and 18 is:
(a) 3
(b) 6
(c) 9
(d) 18

English Grade 5 SBA Paper 2023:

Download 5th class SBA Paper 2023 of English subject in pdf. Answer keys are also added with these papers for each version of English paper for grade 5. Primary teachers and students can download these papers for the prep of annual examination which schedules to start from 10th March 2023 at 9:00 AM.

English Paper APaper BKeys
5th Grade English School-Based-Assessment

Here are some sample MCQs from the 5th class English final exam paper.

  1. Identify the rhyming word for “Think”.
    (a) Link
    (b) Quick
    (c) Bank
    (d) Sank
    2. Which of the following can be used to make a compound word that starts with “White”?
    (a) gate
    (b) book
    (c) color
    (d) board
    3. Identify the word which has a silent “b” sound.
    (a) Bulb
    (b) Verb
    (c) Comb
    (d) Slab
    4.“He lives in the village.”
    (a) a
    (b) the
    (c) an
    (d) any

Download Grade 5 Science SBA Paper 2023:

Class 5 science paper will also have 100 marks with object part A 50 marks and subjective part B 50 marks from the syllabus of Punjab text book 2023. Download 5th class SBA Paper with all versions from A to H with answer keys in pdf. Paper is available in two formats Urdu & English.

Science Paper APaper BAns Keys
grade 5 Science SBA

Some examples are MCQs from the paper on 5th class Science.

Which instrument is used for the measurement of electric current in a circuit?
(a) Fuse
(b) Ammeter
(c) Key
(d) Battery

Which one of the following is true about Moon.
(a) It is a star
(b) It has its own light
(c) It has hot gases
(d) It revolves around the planet

Islamiat SBA Paper 2023 Class 5:

Islamiat paper of school based assessment for class 5 download in pdf with solution. This paper is available in Urdu medium only. Remember Islamiat paper is only for Muslim students while the Non-Muslim candidates will download the Ethics paper from the below table.

Islamiat paper APaper BAnswers
Islamiat SBA 2023

Urdu SBA Paper 2023 Class 5:

SBA 2023 Urdu paper with answer keys download in pdf. The paper is composed of the item bank of PEC. Urdu grade 5 paper is pre-made. Simply download the paper in pdf and print it. There is no watermark on the paper.

Urdu Paper AGrade 5 Urdu BKeys
Urdu Grade 5 SBA 2023

SST (Social Study) SBA Paper:

You can download the SST paper of school-based-assessment in pdf. The paper is in Urdu and English medium. Answer keys for both versions are available with these papers.

SST Paper ASST Paper BAnswers
SST Grade 5 SBA

SBA Papers of Grade 6, 7, and 8 are also uploaded get all papers from the below table.

Grade 6 SBA Papers 2023Download
Grade 7 SBA Papers 2023Download
Grade 8 SBA Papers 2023Download
School based assessment papers 2023

Nazra Holy Quran Paper 2023:

Ethics Paper SBA 2023:

Download Paper ADownload Paper BDownload A KeysDownload B Rubrics
Ethics 2023 SBA Paper

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