Grade 6 School-Based Assessment 2023 Papers All Subjects

Grade 6 school-Based-Assessment 2023 pdf. SBA Papers of 6th class for the subjects (English, Urdu, Science, Computer, Mathematics, Social Study, Islamiat, Drawing, Ethics, Nazra Quran) in Urdu & English versions with answer keys.

These papers are compiled from the PEC item bank (IBS) 2023. Students and teachers of school education department Punjab can easily download these papers along with solution. Students of grade 6 should prepare their annual examination 2023 according to these papers.

Grade 6 School Based Assessment Paper 2023 Computer Science:

SBA Paper of computer science has total 100 marks. 50 marks of objective (MCQs) paper and 50 marks of Subjective paper. Paper is compiled in two versions English & Urdu. Download grade 6 SBA paper 2023 from the below table with answer keys.

Here are some sample Multiple choice questions from computer subjects. While the complete file of all subject’s papers can be downloaded at the end of this post.

The collection of instructions given to the computer to perform a specific task is called:
(A) Commands
(B) Software
(C) Statements
(D) Expressions

Key benefits of using the computer are
——————- by which a computer can perform a variety of tasks with accuracy.
(A) Speed
(B) Accuracy
(C) Diligence
(D) Versatility

Keys consisting of letters, numbers, and punctuations on the keyboard is called :
(A) Function keys
(B) Alpha-numeric keys
(C) Numeric keys
(D) Navigation keys

Computer Science Paper A50Pdf
Computer Science Paper B50Pdf
Answer Keys100Pdf
Grade 6 school based assessment 2023 Papers
English & Urdu Medium
Objective MCQs
Subjective Paper
Answer Keys
Computer Grade 6 Papers 2023

Grade 6 English Paper 2023|SBA 2023:

6th class school-based assessment paper from the PEC item bank 2023 download pdf. Answer keys are also available with each paper. There are two types of paper versions. Paper A type is objective type and paper B is subjective. Read and understand the paper pattern by looking at some sample MCQs from these test papers.

Choose the correct punctuation mark to complete the sentence.
“How do you go to school ”
a) !
b) ?
c) .
d) ,

Identify the antonym of “Lazy”.
a) Wise
b) Active
c) Idle
d) Busy

“Was he carefully?”
a) drive
b) driving
c) drove
d) drives

Identify the collective noun.
a) Woman
b) Life
c) House
d) Army

English Medium
Objective MCQs Paper 2023
Paper B Subjective
Answer Keys
SBA English Paper 2023 Grade 6

Social Study/History/Geography Paper 2023 SBA:

Download geography SBA Papers 2023 of all versions in pdf with answer keys. You can also download item bank with paper collection of Punjab examination commission. These are the final annual examination papers. First try to solve the following MCQs which are according to the SBA Papers 2023.

Aryans were divided into different:
(A) religions
(B) tribes
(C) sects
(D) races

Muslim’s important weapon in the conquest of Debal was:
(A) Gun
(B) Canon
(C) Catapult
(D) Iron rod

Al-Biruni was a famous scientist in the period of:
(A) Ahmad Shah Abdali
(B) Sultan Mahmood Ghaznawi
(C) Shahab Ud Din Ghauri
(D) Sher Shah Suri

Objective PartDownload
Subjective PartDownload
Answer KeysView
Geography Paper 2023

Mathematics Exam Paper 2023 Grade 6:

Mathematics SBA paper with objective and subjective part of the paper along with answer keys download full paper in pdf. Look at some examples of MCQs from 6th class Mathematics papers given below.

The greatest length of a scale that can measure 8m,12m, and 24m long ropes exactly is:
(A) 4m
(B) 8m
(C) 12m
(D) 24m

(4)  (3) =
(A) -12
(B) -7
(C) 7
(D) 12

(16) ÷ (4) =
(A) -12
(B) -4
(C) 4
(D) 12

(+11) + ( 7) =
(A) -18
(B) -4
(C) 4
(D) 18

Objective TypeSubjectiveSolution
MCQs Paper ASubjective Part BKeys
Math Grade 6 Paper 2023

Science Paper Keys Class 6th:

Most important subject in the grade 6 examination is science. To prepare the paper download school based assessment paper 2023 of 6th class which is fully solved. Two versions of the paper are given below. English medium students should download English version and Urdu medium students will download the Urdu version of the Science paper.

Objective MCQsPart BKeys
Science Grade 6 SBA Papers 2023

Social Study Paper With Keys For Grade 6:

Social Studies for grade 6 paper in Pakistan will covers the topics: History, geography, culture, l features of Pakistan, including its rivers, mountains, Indus Valley Civilization, the Mughal Empire, struggle for independence, deserts, culture and traditions of Pakistan, food, music, and festivals. Download SBA paper of SST Class 6 with answer keys in a pdf.

Objective MCQsSubjective PaperAns Keys
Social Studies Grade 6 Papers

Urdu Paper 2023 Grade 6 With Answer Keys:

Urdu paper of class 6 for the PEC SBA examination has 100 marks with objective and subjective parts of the papers. Download the complete paper with solution in pdf from the below table.

Urdu Medium
Objective MCQs
Subjective Part B
Urdu Class 6th Paper 2023

Islamiat | Islamic Studies SBA Paper 2023 with keys For Grade 6:

Paper on Islamic history which is taught in the syllabus of grade 6 in Pakistan Punjab. Download its pre-made paper which downloaded from the item bank of Punjab examination commission 2023. To facilitate the students and teachers answer keys for each version of Islamiat paper is also attached with the pdf papers.

Part ASubjectiveSolution
Objective MCQsPaper BKeys
Islamic Studies Paper 2023 Grade 6 Papers

Grade 6 PEC Papers 2023 Download Version 2 With Keys:

English AEnglish BAnswers
Urdu AUrdu BAnswers
Science AScience BAnswers
Mathematics AMath BKeys
Islamiat AIslamiat BKeys
Computer AComputer BKeys
6 Class SBA 2023 Version 2

Teaching of Holy Quran Exam Paper 2023 with keys:

Nazra Quran paper will also have two parts of the paper. First part of the paper will be oral in which teacher will listen the Quran. Second part of the paper will contain questions about the Holy Quran. Download both versions of the paper with solution from the below links.

Paper TypeDownload
Paper APDF
Paper BPDF
Teaching Quran Class 6th Papers

You may also like to download grade 8 class all subjects final examination papers from here. For Grade 7 exam papers click here to download all subject papers.

Grade 6 Ethics Paper 2023 With Keys:

Download Paper ADownload Paper BDownload A KeysDownload B Rubrics
Class 6 Ethics SBA Paper 2023

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