Guess Paper 2022 Class 11 All Subjects Punjab Board

Guess paper 2022 for 11th class for all subjects of Punjab Board of the intermediate and secondary education department. Download 1st year guess paper of all subjects English, Urdu, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Computer science, Economics, Education, Civics, statistics, Principles of Commerce, and Sociology. First-year guess paper for all Punjab Boards in pdf. The students who are in Class 11, 1st-year,, I.cs, I.COM, and F.A can download the guess papers of the following subjects. For 12th class guess papers of all subjects visit this page.

  • 1st Year English Guess paper
  • First-Year Urdu Guess paper
  • I.CS part 1 Computer guess paper
  • F.A/FSC Part 1 Education guess all subjects
  • 11th Class Biology guess paper
  • Chemistry Guess paper class 11
  • Physics guess paper for class 11
  • Mathematics guess 2022 for F.SC/I.CS part 1
  • Islamiat Guess paper 1st-year pdf download
  • Economics guess paper 1st-year
  • Civics Guess paper 11th class download
  • Principle of commerce guess 2022 for Punjab Board 11th class

The most difficult work is to write guess papers, which follow the Board of Punjab paper patterns. They should look at the 1st year guess papers if they want to prepare for their exams in the best way possible, In order to get good grades, students must also work hard and be smart about what they do.

Intermediate grades are very important to students because they help them decide which fields they can go on to study more about. Guess papers cover all of the important things that students want to learn more about. It’s possible for students in their first year of college to download 11th class guess papers from this site.

All Subject Guess Class 11:

Download these important guess paper class 11 Punjab board files now, rather than wasting their time on other things that don’t matter. In order to get guess papers for the eleventh grade, you can just go to the below link and click on the link to download them.

The first-year guess paper is downloadable for free from the below link. All the guess papers are according to pairing scheme 2022 of the 11th class. This is a simple way to get good grades on your exams.

Punjab Boards Guess Papers Inter Part 1:

There is a total of 11 Boards of intermediate & secondary education in Punjab. This guess paper of the 11th class is for the following Punjab Boards.

  • Bahawalpur Board Guess paper
  • D.G.Khan Board Guess paper
  • Faisalabad Board Guess paper
  • Gujranwala Board Guess paper
  • Lahore Board Guess paper
  • Multan Board Guess paper
  • Rawalpindi Board Guess paper
  • Sargodha Board Guess paper
  • Sahiwal Board Guess paper
  • Bahawalpur Board Guess paper

1st-Year Physics Guess Paper:

Physics Long question:
  • Chapter 2: vector addition, vector by Rectangular components s, scalar vector product.cross product
  • Chapter 3: elastic collision one dimension, law conservation momentum, projectile motion
  • Unit 4: work done gravitational field, absolute energy principal, interconversion p.E &K.E
  • Chapter 5: prove v=rw,artificial gravity,geostationary orbits centripetal force
  • Chapter 6: Terminal velocity eq of continuity, Bernoulli’s eq
  • Unit 7:
  • Mass spring system. simple conservation in SHM Resonance
  • Chapter 8: Newton formula speed sound effect temp, stationary waves in the stretched string, doppler effect.
  • Unit 9: Hyphen principal, Michelson interferometer, diffraction grating eq.Bragg law.
  • Chapter 10: simple microscope, astronomical telescope, spef light, fiber optic principle
  • Unit 11: The pressure of the gas (p<1/2mv2>) 1st & 2nd law thermodynamics, isothermal process prove cp-cv=R cannot engine its efficiency.
Physics Short Questions Guess:
Unit 1Questions
11th Physics Guess Paper 2022
Unit 2Questions
S.Q2.2,4,5,6,8,9,10,11,18,21 example 2.3,5,6
11th Physics Guess Paper 2022
Unit 3Questions
S.Q3.2,6,7,9,13 example 3.3,5,7
Prob3.1,4 ,8,9,10,13,14
11th Physics Guess Paper 2022
Unit 4Questions
S.Q4.2,4,5,7,8 example 4.2,3
11th Physics Guess Paper 2022
Unit 5Questions
S.Q5.1,2,3,5,9,10,11,13 example 5.1,3,6,7
11th Physics Guess Paper 2022
Unit 6Questions
Prob6.1,2,4,7,5,8,9 example 6.1,2
11th Physics Guess Paper 2022
Unit 7Questions
S.Q7.1,2,3,5,6,7,8,9 example 7.1,2
11th Physics Guess Paper 2022
Unit 8Questions
S.Q8.1,3,4,5,6,7,8,1o example 1,4,5
11th Physics Guess Paper 2022
Unit 9Questions
S.Q9.1,3,5,6,7,10 example 9.1,3
11th Physics Guess Paper 2022
Unit 10Questions
S.Q10.1,2,3,6,7,10 example 10.1
11th Physics Guess Paper 2022
Unit 11Questions
S.Q11.1,2,5,7,8,9,1o,12 example 11.2,4,5
11th Physics Guess Paper 2022

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