Heat Lightning Synonyms MCQs & Short Questions 11th English

Heat Lightning Synonyms from fsc part 1 english. Important Synonyms, multiple choice questions and short questions. No answer key is given. Try to solve by yourself.

Heat Lightning Synonyms


  1. It was a drab interior of a bus station along a deserted highway.

(a) inside

(b) outside

(c)  exterior

(d) superior

  1. The girl is sobbing and is out of breath.

(a) laughing

(b) smiling

(c) weeping

(d) singing

  1. The shudders at her own thought.

(a) laughs

(b) trembles

(c) murmurs

(d) remembers

4        Nevertheless, the girl has got to go to the police.

(a) now

(b) later

(c) immediately

(d) however

  1. The man rattles the door viciously.

(a) opens

(b) breaks

(c) looks inside

(d) clatters

  1. The second man says that he bets that the girl is smarter than the first man.

(a) taller

(b) cleverer

(c) prettier

(d) thinner

  1. The second man says that he is hell

(a) intelligent

(b) delightful

(c) agreeable

(d) upsetting

  1. The girl lets out a muffled cry.

(a) willful

(b) delightful

(c) suppressed

(d) loud

  1. The girl looked stunned.

(a) pretty

(b) bewildered

(c) delighted

(d) pleased

  1. The second man was making disturbance out there.

(a) confusion

(b) calm

(c) serenity

(d) tranquility


What is the scene of the play “The Heat Lightning?

(a) a sea coast

(b) a house

(c)  a barber’s shop

(d) an interior of bus station

What is the age of the first man in “The Heat Lightning”?

(a) 25

(b) 30

(c) 35

(d) 40

How does the hair of the corpse look in “The Heat Lightning”

(a) Red

(b) Light

(c) curly

(d) Dark

What does the second man say about coming out on a stormy night?

(a) lazy would not come out

(b) the girls should not come out

(c) the old men should not come out

(d) smart people would not come out

What does the second man say about the lightning?

(a) it should not be seen

(b) it is a rough sight

(c) it is dreadful sight

(d) it is a beautiful sight

Short Questions

  1. What is the scene of the play?
  2. What is the condition of the girl when she enters?
  3. How did the second man persuade the girl to see the lightning?
  4. How did the girl recognize the first man to be the murderer?
  5. How was the first man forced to leave the room?
  6. What is the significance of storm in the play?

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