How To Improve Fsc Common Questions With Answer

How to improve FSC Some common questions and their answers Many students are wondering how to improve FSC parts 1 & 2. How to get good marks in FSC after improving the FSC? How many times can I improve the FSC? Can you repeat FSC after 2 years? Can we repeat FSC in the year after the 2nd year? Methodology for FSC Special Exams in 2023.

How to Improve Fsc Common Questions:

What is an improvement?
You can choose one of the four options for improvement

  • Part 1 complete
  • 2nd year complete
  • Part 1 and 2 complete

And the fourth option is to improve the subject. For example, if you want to improve physics, then you have to give both papers physics parts 1 and 2.

When can we make improvements?

  • After the result of Part 2, you can make improvements. There are 2 options
  • Improve in the first 40 days with supply students
  • Second, give the improvement paper in the annual papers next year
  • Above first two methods are good but 3rd method is better.

How many times can we improve Fsc?

According to the board rules, improvement papers can be given only once.

If we do not submit the paper for improvement, can we submit the paper again next year?

In that case, your previous marks will remain the same and you will not be able to give improvement papers again.

What will happen if fewer marks come than before?

If your total marks decrease from before after improvement. Then marks are written on the result card not improved. And your previous year’s marks are considered final marks.

FSC Special Examination Method 2023 (Faisalabad Board):

  • Visit the site of your Board and download the paper cancelation form
  • Fill the form with compulsory information
  • Attest/signature from the College/School of your college
  • Pay a fee of RS.600 to the Bank mentioned in the Form
  • Put the fee challan serial number on the paper cancelation form
  • Now submit your form to the Board by hand

Lahore Board Special Exams 2023:

  • Visit the site of the Lahore Board
  • Click on the special examination button on the page
  • Enter your roll number in the online form
  • Now put all necessary information including subjects of cancelation
  • Submit the form and take a print of that form
  • Mark the signature from the principal of your college
  • Pay a fee in the HBL
  • Your admission has confirmed no need to go to the Board

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  1. Currently i am giving my board exams but i am not expecting good marks so Is it possible that i can give improvement exams of part 1 after my exams of part 2 with the annual examination of part 1 next year and can also give mdcat and improvement marks to be counted there?so without wasting a year can i improve it?


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