ICOM Part 2 Business Statistics Book Pdf|Solved MCQs

ICOM Part 2 Business statistics key book with unit-wise solved MCQs. Solved exercises short and long questions. Business statistics ICOM part 2 important questions. Past papers of Business statistics with scheme 2021-23. Business statistics part II notes updated edition 2023 in Pdf free download.

  • What is statistics chapter No 1 solved MCQs, short questions, definitions and important questions
  • Presentation of Data Unit-Number 2 Important definitions, Solved MCQs and important questions
  • Average of first order chapter 3 solved MCQs and important questions
  • Chapter 4 Index number solved MCQs, exercise and important definitions
  • Chapter 5 Basic set theory & counting techniques MCQs, definitions and questions
  • Unit 6 Probability theory solved MCQs, exercise and important questions

ICOM Part 2 Business Statistics Characteristics/Function/Uses of Statistics:

  • Statistics is aggregate of facts.
  • Statistic collected in systematic manner.
  • Statistics is collected for pre-determined purposes.
  • It helps management in decision making.
  • Statistics helps in formulation of suitable polices.

These notes of ICOM Part 2 Business are from alif-academy. All the qualified teachers in this subject cooperate in writing. These notes and the key book are according to the updated scheme of I.COM part 2 for the session 2021-23.

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