I have a dream Synonyms MCQs and Short Questions

I hava a dream Synonyms 11th english synonyms. Fsc English Part 1 Unit wise tests. Intermediate part 1 English tests chapter wise. No answer key is given in this test. Try to solve by yourself.

                     I Have a Dream Synonyms  

I hava a dream Synonyms most important synonyms from past papers of fsc.

  1. Luther said that they had come out of trials.

(a) troubles

(b) cities

(c)  villages

(d) hills

  1. Luther said that they were battered for their quest for freedom.

(a) ignorance

(b) knowledge

(c) search

(d) disgust

  1. Luther said that they were veterans of creative suffering.

(a) founder

(b) bearer

(c) old master

(d) disciple

4        Luther asked them to return to their slums.

(a) big cities

(b) posh areas

(c) poor dwelling

(d) rich dwelling

  1. Luther said that their nation would live out the true meaning of their creed.

(a) abandon

(b) conceal

(c) hide

(d) fulfill

  1. The state of Mississippi was sweltering with the heat of oppression.

(a) uplifting

(b) refreshing

(c) cold

(d) hot

  1. Luther said that Mississippi would change into an oasis of freedom.

(a) wasteland

(b) desert

(c) barren spot

(d) fertile spot

  1. The lips of the governor were dripping with the word of nullification.

(a) agreement

(b) acceptance

(c) issuance

(d) cancellation

  1. They would hew out a stone of hope out of the mountain of despair.

(a) bring out

(b) give out

(c) make out

(d) cut off

  1. The jangling discords of the nation would be changed into symphony.

(a) discussions

(b) letters

(c) books

(d) din

  I have a dream  Important MCQs 11th English

I have a dream most important multiple choice questions from past papers of fsc annual examination.                       

  1. How did the quest for freedom result? The freedom fighters were …….

(a) successful

(b) happy

(c)  rewarded

(d) battered

  1. Were should the fighter return according to Luther?

(a) to jails

(b) to Mexico

(c) slums and ghettos

(d) to southern cities

3        What did Luther want to hew out the mountain of despair?

(a) a figure of slavery

(b)a statue of frustration

(c) a useless pearl

(d) a stone of hope

  1. What thing of New Hampshire has been mentioned in ‘I Have a Dream’?

(a) fertile valleys

(b) Prodigious hilltops

(c)wide rivers

(d) deep gorges

I have a dream Important short questions                                                                         

  1. What was the cause of Negroes discontentment?
  2. What is the dream of Martin Luther King Jr?
  3. What was the necessity of pleading the case of Negroes freedom?
  4. Write down the song in your own words.

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