ICS Computer Guess Paper 2023 2nd Year Pdf Download

ICS Computer guess paper 2023 according to alp smart syllabus. 2nd-year Computer Important short and long questions unit-wise. 12th class Computer Model paper 2023.

ICS Computer Guess Paper 2023:

Look at some examples of Multiple choice questions from 2nd-year computer guess.

1)The process of arranging data in a logical sequence is called.
a) Sorting
b) Summarizing
c) Capturing
d) Classifying
2)Storage and retrieval of data are related is.
a) Data capturing
b) Data manipulation
c) Analysis result
d) Managing output
3)A collection of raw facts and figures is called.
Va) Data
b) Information
c) Processing
d) Output
4) series of actions that are performed on raw data to achieve the required objectives and results are called.
a) Operation
b) Data processing
c) Information
d) Both A & B
5)Communicating the information through the internet is related to.
a) Managing the output result
b) Data manipulation
c) Data capturing
d) Softing

Important Short Questions Sample:

What is meant by data integrity?
What is entity integrity?
How is referential integrity achieved?
Define the referential integrity?
Define data integrity.
Write are two types of data integrity.
Differentiate between data integrity and data security.
What is normalization?
What is the Mutual Exclusiveness of data?
How is a functional dependency with the process of normalization?
Define determinant.
What is Homonym?
What is a Synonym?

Important Long Questions 12th Computer:

What activities are involved in data processing? Discuss in detail.
How do we organize the files on storage media?
v) Describe the different database models?
ix) Write down the properties of relations in detail?
x) Describe different steps involved in the analysis stage while designing a database?

Download complete guess paper with MCQs short and long questions.

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