ICS Computer Unit 2 Notes According ALP Syllabus 2021

ICS Computer Unit 2 important MCQs, Short & Long questions notes. All questions of these notes are from past papers of Punjab & Federal Boards. 2nd-year computer unit-wise MCQs.

12th class computer notes with important solved short questions from past papers. ICS Computer part 2 notes with important long questions from past Board papers.

Unit 2 Sample MCQs:

Here are some example Multiple choice questions from these notes. Read these MCQs before downloading the complete notes of chapter 2.

Which of the following could be used as a primary key?
(A) Last name
(B) Salary
(C) Customer ID
(D) Region

The object which is used to store data in the database:
(A) Macro
(B) Table
(C) Form
(D) Report

Which of the following is also known as the control key:
(A) Secondary key
(B) candidate key
(C) Composite key
(D) Primary key

2nd Year Computer Short Questions Unit 2:

Following are the some example short questions from these notes of 12th class ICS.

  • Define the purpose of Data Administrator?
  • Define Primary with an example by drawing a table.
  • Who are End-users? define their knowledge level in information technology?
  • Describe five roles of a database administrator?

ICS Part 2 Computer chapter 2 long Questions:

Some sample long questions from these notes of computer are given below.

  • List different types of Primary keys used in database? Briefly describe their functionality in DBMS?

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