ICS Computer Unit 3 Notes 2nd Year According to New Syllabus 2023

ICS Computer unit 3 notes for 2nd year with solved MCQs and short questions from past papers. 12th class computer science notes with 10 Boards solved papers. These notes are for the candidates of Punjab and Federal Boards.

ICS Computer Unit 3 MCQs:

Look at some sample MCQs from these notes. Read online MCQs before downloading the complete notes.

1.Which of the following is an example of a one-to-one relationship?
(A) Student-RegNo
(D)Person-phone number
2.Which is NOT included in the definition of an entity:
(A) Person
(B) Object
(C) Concept
3.The relationship can be:
(A) One-to-one
(B) One-to-many
(C) Many-to-many
4.Physical database design decisions must be made carefully because of impacts on:
(A) Data accessibility
(B) Response times
(C) Security
5.Merge relation is important because:
(A) Different views may need to be integrated
(B) New data requirements may produce new relations to be merged
(C) Both a and b

Unit 3 Short Questions:

Here are some sample Multiple choice questions from these notes of computer. Complete short questions of full unit can be downloaded at the end of this post.

  • Describe project planning in 3 sentences with example?
  • List few properties of a Relation? also give example.
  • Write down the importance of an attribute.
  • Why E-R diagram is used?

Download Chapter 3 Notes in Pdf:

Now you can download complete unit notes with solved MCQs and short questions. Remember all these notes are according to new study scheme 2021. And these notes are collected from past annual papers from 2007-23.

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