ICS Computer Unit 4 Past Papers Notes 2nd Year 2021

ICS Computer notes unit 4 from past papers of ICS annual exam Punjab Board. 2nd-year computer science chapter-wise solved notes of MCQs and short questions.

A Plus computer solved past papers according to smart syllabus 2021. These notes have been collected from the following boards.

ICS Computer Unit 4 Past Papers Boards:

  • Sahiwal Board
  • Multan Board
  • Lahore Board
  • Bahawalpur Board
  • D.G Khan Board
  • Faisalabad Board
  • Sargodha Board
  • Lahore Board
  • Rawalpindi Board
  • Gujranwala Board

12th class Computer MCQs :

Here are some sample Multiple choice questions from these notes. All questions are according to alp smart syllabus 2021.

A functional dependency between two or more non-key attributes is called?
(A) Partial functional dependency
(B) Partial non-key dependency
(C) Transitive dependency
A constraint between two attributes is called:
(A) functional relation
(B) attribute dependency
(C) functional dependency
(D) relation constraint
In 3 NF (Third Normal Form), a non-key attribute must not depend on a:
(A) Non-key attributes
(B) key attributes
(C) Composite key
(D) Sort key

Chapter 4 Important Short Questions:

These are the some sample short questions from these notes. Which are collected from previous Board papers of all Punjab.

  • Database anomalies and also mention their names with definitions.
  • When is Relation in 3rd Normal Form?

Download Complete Notes Unit 4:

Now you can download complete notes of 12th class chapter 4.

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