Inter MCQs English Part 2 Unit 12 Hitch Hiking Across the Sahara

Inter MCQs English part 2 chapter 12 from past papers with answer keys. MCQs from all Boards of Punjab Lahore, Multan. Dgkhan, Bahawalpur. FA, FSC, ICS English.

Inter MCQs English Part 2 Unit 12

Hitch-Hiking Across the Sahara (G.F.Lamb)
Choose the correct option of the following underlined words from Book – 11
It was a formidable type of transport. (RWP. GI, 2016)
(A) fine
(B) hard
(C) terrifying
(D) easily

They went to a well to replenish their water bags. (RWP. GI, 2016)
(A) empty
(B) wash
(C) refill
(D) draw

The rescue party came to save his life: (FBD. GI, 2015)
(A) marriage
(B) saving
(C) trouble
(D) wedding

This time the driver and greaser seemed reluctant to take him: (FBD. GII, 2015) (BWP. GI, 2017)
(A) willing
(B) unwilling/hesitant
(C) willful
(D) unhappy

A day later caught his first glimpse of Timbuktu. (SGD. GII, 2016)
(A) idea
(B) notion
(C sight
(D) route

I had to be vigilant until each mouthful was safely behind my teeth. (SGD. GI, 2016) (DGK. GI, 2018)
(A) anxious
(B) watchful
(C) caring
(D) resistant

2nd Year English Chapter 12 Past Papers MCQs:

The result was disastrous. (LHR. GI, 2015)
(A) safe
(B) good
(C) destructive
(D) pleasant

The heat in In Salah was incredible: (MLN. GI, RWP. GI, FBD. GII, 2016)
(A) unwanted
(B) unbelievable
(C) ineffective
(D) trustworthy

They reached El Golea without further mishap. (SWL. GII, 2016)
(A) delay
(B) accident
(C) hope
(D) comfort

Their car had become stuck in a sand dune. (DGK. GII, 2016)
(A) area
(B) sea
(C) shore
(D) storm

They slaughtered a camel for water: (RWP. GII, 2015) (GRW. GII, 2017)
(A) caught
(B) killed
(C) fed
(D) washed

There is little vegetation in the Sahara. (MLN. GI, 2017)
(A) eatables
(B) provisions
(C) greenery
(D) obligation

The driver picked his way with uncanny skill. (MLN-GI, 2017)
(A) little
(B) unpleasant
(C) accurate
(D) unusual

It was a fascinating little town, a true oasis: (LHR. GI, RWP. GII, 2016)
(A) attractive
(B) slight
(C) boring
(D) beautiful

This is a gigantic task: (MLN. GI, 2015)(GRW. GII, 2017)
(A) small
(B) common
(C) Huge

Fsc Part 2 English MCQs Unit 12

The full Sahara area stretches almost the complete width of North Africa. (SGD. GI, 2017)
(A) depicts
(B) discovers
C) spreads

The influence of the moon causes lunacy. (FBD. GII, 2017)
(A) love
(B) hatred
(C) madness
(D) sleeplessness

Christopher felt that he was going to collapse: (LHR. GI, 2014) (BWP. GII, 2015)
(A) faint
(B) sleep
(C) enjoy
(D) arrest

Every day brought freshmen and now gear: (BWP. GII, 2015)
(A) worse
(B) heavens
(D) Apparatus

It was stifling in the driver’s cabin. (FBD. GII, 2017)
(A) refreshing
(B) comforting
(C) pressing
(D) suffocating

Ten-foot strips of steel mesh were dragged from the truck. (RWP. GII, 2014)
(A) bar
(C) plate
(D) net

All the camels instinctively turned off their course: (RWP. GI, 2015) (SGD. GII, 2017)
(A) happily
(B) instantly
(C) naturally
(D) lazily

The sand is constantly encroaching on the town: (GRW. GI, RWP. GI, 2014) (GRW. GI, 2015)
(A) intruding
(B) attacking
(C) moving
(D) advancing

The notion of death suggested to him to record his thoughts for others. (RWP. GI, 2014)
(A) idea
(B) fright
(C) urge

The Tuaregs led a primitive life: (GRW. GII, 2014)
(A) modern
(B) up-dated
C) out-dated
(D) contemporary

Christopher determined that his next journey should be Timbuktu. (LHR. GII, 2018)
(A) Resolved
(B) Hoped
(C) Opened
(D) Wished

Christopher was very vigilant in eating food in Ghardaia. (GRW. GII, 2018)
(A) careless
(B) watchful
(C) reckless
(D) hesitant

The conditions in the Sahara were agonizing. (LHR. GII, 2015) (RWP. GI, 2017)
(FBD. GI, RWP. GI, MLN. GI, 2018)
(A) captivating
(B) pleasant
(C) painful
(D) shining

Everyone gazed at him. (FBD. GII, 2018)
(A) looked
(B) smiled
(C) called
(D) hated

Intermediate English Part 2 MCQs:

Large parts of the Sahara were almost uninhabited. (SWL. GI, 2018)
(A) deserted
(B) populated
(C) crowded
(D) barren

The future looked grim to Christopher. (SWL. GII, 2018)
(A) bright
(B) played
(C) dark
(D) ignored

Large parts of the Sahara were almost uninhabited. (RWP. GI, 2018)
(A) unpleasant
(B) smooth
C) unpopulated
(D) uncultivated

The heat was incredible. (RWP. GII, 2018)
(A) plausible
(B) unbelievable
(C) unlikely
D) severe

The car was stuck in a dune. (BWP. GII, 2018)
(A) Mound of Stones
(B) Mound of Sand
(C) Bog
(D) Slip

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