Intermediate English MCQs Unit 8 China’s Way to Progress

Intermediate English MCQs chapter 8 china’s way to progress. FA,, and ICS English part 2 solved MCQs from past papers.

Intermediate English MCQs Unit 8

China’s Way to Progress (Galeazzo Santini)
Choose the correct option of the following underlined words from Book – 11
In the agricultural communes, housing is completely free. (AJK. GII, 2017)
(A) farms
(B) departments
(C) cities
(D) countries

The occidental countries launched a warm hug to China: (AJK. GII, 2015) (MLN. GI, 2016)
(A) Northern
(B) Southern
(C) Eastern
(D) Western

Numerous officials visit China today, (FBI). GI, 2017)
(A) little
(B) a few
(C) few
(D) many

Mao said, “Instead of things, people are decisive”: (RWP. GI, 2015)
(A) insignificant
(B) trivial
(C) unimportant
(D) influential

The cultural revolution freed China from cumbersome bureaucracy. (SWL GII, 2017) (RWP. GII, 2018)
(A) materialistic
(B) light
(C) burdensome
(D) fashionable

It involves an utterly different tactic: (BWP. GII, 2015)
(A) malt
(B) rebuff
(C) approach
(D) scan

The Chinese peasant does not flee to the cities: (MLN, GI, 2014) (MLN.GI, 2017)
(A) See
(B) escape
(C) point
(D) welcome

There are no neon signs in China. (RWP. G1, 2014) (FSD. GI, 2015)
(A) good signs
(B) welfare
(C) omens
(D) shining

The gigantic Chinese social experiment does not only concern Asia. (LHR. GI, 2016) (AJK. 61, 2018)
(A) mysterious
(B) huge
(C) farmer
(D) mechanical

The communes help those who are physically handicapped. (GRW. GII, 2015)
(A) disable
(B). helpful
(C) vigorous
(D) dynamic

Political control over the masses stopped the exodus from the countryside. (SWL. GI, 2016)
(A) reach
(B) setting
(C) migration
(D) inhabiting

The Chinese regime has maintained a minimum subsistence level. (GRW. GI, 2016)
(A) progress
(B) forbearance
(C) intelligence
(D) livelihood level of existence

The western countries realized the absurdity of the past oblivion for having China out of
U.N for a long time. (GRW. GI, 2017)
(A) concern
(B) stupidity
(C) willfulness
(D) wisdom

From the western angle, Chinese women lack feminity. (GRW. CI. 2018)
(A) wisdom
(B) intelligence
(C) womanliness
(D) courage

Occidentals certainly launched the warm hug. (MLN. GI, 2018)
(A) People
(B) Eastern
(C) Statesmen
(D) Westerners

It can stimulate the revolutionary spirit of the masses. (BWP. G1, 2018)
(A) Subside
(B) Pressurize
(C Activate
(D) Conceal

For twenty-four years, China lay forgotten. (BWP, GII, 2018)
(A) Forgiven
(B) Objected
(C) Ignored
(D) Disappointed

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