Kips Chemistry Diagnostic Tests Part 1 & 2 Book

Kips chemistry diagnostic tests book part 1 and 2. Download diagnostic tests book in pdf format. Chapter wise chemistry diagnostic tests with answer keys.

Important Note* This book is specially composed for ECAT preparation. But it can be utilized for MCAT students due same syllabus of

Kips Chemistry Diagnostic Tests

Salient features of kips chemistry diagnostic tests book are given below.

Quick Review of the Syllabus
Highlighted Points
Mind Map for Every Chapter
Hundreds of Practice Questions
Diagnostic Test
Sample Paper for Entry Test
Chapter-Wise Exercise with Answer Keys

What are Diagnostic Tests?

Diagnostic tests are designed to measure the weak points of the students in a specific subject/topic. So this book is written in such a way that a student should sit back for 1 hour and try to solve these tests. All tests answer keys are given at the end of each test and chapter of the book.

Diagnostic Tests Part 1

List of Diagnostic Test PART I
I Basic Concepts :
2 Experimental Techniques In Chemistry
3 Gases
4 Liquids and Solids
5 Atomic Structure
6 Chemical Bonding
7 Thermochemistry
8 Chemical Equilibrium
9 Solutions
10 Electrochemistry
11 Reaction Kinetics
Answer Key

Diagnostic Tests Part 2

List of Diagnostic Tests PART II
I Periodic Classification of Elements and Periodicity
2 s-Block Elements ยท
3 Group III-A and Group IV-A Elements
4 Group V-A.and VI-A Elements
5 The Halogens and The Noble Gases
6 Transition Elements
7 Fundamental Principles of Organic Chemistry .
8 Aliphalic Hydrocarbons
9 Aromatic Hydrocarbons
10 Alkyl Halides
11 Alcohols. Phenols & Ethers
12 Aldehydes & Ketones
13 Carboxylic Acids
14 Macromolecules
15 Common Chemical Industries In Pakistan
16 Environmental Chemistry
Sample Paper (ECAT)
Answer Key

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