kips mdcat physics unit wise test solved mcqs

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There are both good and bad things to say. The bad news is that it can be hard to do well on the MDCAT Physics section if you don’t know how to solve the kinds of problems that come up on it. What’s the happy news? You could not have picked a better place to go. In this article, we’ll tell you some secrets about the physics section of the MDCAT so you can get an edge over other applicants and get closer to your goal of getting into medical school.

Some of the most well-known and respected test prep experts in the world work at Kips’s Learning Centers. They have worked together to make the most complete study guide available to help students pass the MDCAT Physics unit on the first try and with little trouble. This book has more than 2,500 practice problems for the MDCAT Physics section, and it will tell you everything you need to know to do well on that part of the exam. Just as an example, did you know that…

kips mdcat physics unit wise

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mdcat Physics Tests Download

Kips mdcat Physics Sample MCQs

Frequency which are multiple of fundamental are called
(a) Harmonics
(b) Nodal frequency
(c) Beat frequency
(d) Doppler frequency
The electromagnetic wave theory was proposed by
(a) Newton
(b) Huygens
(c) Maxwell
(d) Einstein
The path change of 180° is equivalent to a path difference of
(a) λ/2
(b) 3λ/2
(c) 2λ
(d) λ
Yellow light from a sodium lamp is used to form Newton’s rings. The central spot in Newton’s ring will be
(a) yellow
(b) white
(c) bright
(d) dark
Kinetic energy per mole of an ideal gas is
(a) 3/2 KT
(b) 3/2 RT
(c) 2/3 KT
(d) 2/3 RT
Heat energy cannot be measured in
(a) J
(b) B.T.U
(c) K
(d) Calorie
Thermostat is a device use to keep _______ constant
(a) temperature
(b) entropy
(c) heat
(d) pressure
Fahrenheit and Celsius scale coincide at
(a) -40°
(b) -273°
(c) 273°
(d) 0°

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