Kips NMDCAT Agreement Mistake English Test 1 Pdf

Kips nmdcat agreement mistake English test 1 with answer keys. Kips mdcat English agreement mistake test series in pdf download.

Kips NMDCAT Agreement Mistake Test 1:

Look at some sample Multiple choice Questions from kips English test of agreement mistake.

English nmdcat A+ series uploaded is according to nums mdcat syllabus. So try to solve all the MCQs provided in the test.

The answer keys are also provided with these tests.

Kips English Test 1:


Directions: Choose the right option to complete the following sentences.
Q.1 No remorse will
the killer because his crime is too heinous.
A) Resolve
B) Constrict
C) Absolve
D) Convict

Q.2 Although she had other suitors, she finally
to his pleas for his accomplishments.
A) Conceded
B) Preceded
C) Acceded
D) Receded

0.3 The road came to a/an
end; now they could neither move ahead nor go back.
A) Happy
B) Abrupt
C) Tragic
D) Desired

0.5 Junaid was
after his explanation proved that he could not have committed the crime.
A) Acquitted
B) Derided
C) Detained
D) Denounced

KIPS NMDCAT Test Sentence Completion:

Download Kips nmdcat test 2 sentence completion with answer keys.

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