Kips NMDCAT FLP 1 Test Quarter Syllabus 2022 Download

Kips NMDCAT flp 1 test quarter syllabus. Kips entrance test quarter syllabus of Physics chemistry Biology and English. Download now.


The above image shows the detail of nmdcat entry test conducted by kips in 2022. Below are some example and sample MCQs from kips quarter syllabus test.

Transeription and translation occur in
B. Outer mitochondrial membrane
A. Cristae of mitochondria
C Matrix of mitochondria
D. Entire inner mitochondrial membrane

A cell organelle essential for secretions in plants is:
A. Lysosomes
B. Dictyosomes
D. Glyoxysomes

Which of the following is present in eukaryotes and absent in prokaryotes?
A.70S ribosome
B. Cytoskeleton
C. Mesosome
D. Plasmid

Central core of plasma membrane is formed by:
A. Hydrophilic heads
B. Hydrophilic tails
C. Hydrophobic heads
D. Hydrophobic tails

It is not a function of SER:
A. Storage of Cat
B. Mechanical support
C. Protein synthesis
D. Detoxification

All enzymes can be present in peroxisomes except:
A. Phosphofructokinase
B. Catalnse
C. Peroxidase
D. Glycolic acid oxidase

Glyoxysomes are primarily found in:
A. Mature plant cell
B. Germinating seedlings
C.Photosynthetic algae
D. Plant stem cells

Which organele in cukaryotic cell functionally resemble with mesosomes of prokaryotic cell?
A. Golgi apparatus
B. Cell membrane
C. Endoplasmic
D. Mitochondria

Concerning the entry of substances through plasma membrane, which statement is correct?
A. Only passive transport needs energy
B. Phagocytosis is passive transport
C. Only active transport needs energy
D. Facilitated diffusion is active transport

Glucose is an example of:
A. Monomer
B. Dimer
C. Oligomer
D. Polymer

The covalent bond between two monosaccharides to form a disaccharide is called:
A. Peptide bond
B. Hydrogen bond
C. Ester bond
D. Glycosidic bond


Here are some additional MCQs from Quarter syllabus test 2022.

Sucrose is non-reducing due to:
A. 1, 4-Glycosidic bond between two glucose molecules
B. 1. 2-Glycosidic bond between glucose and fructose molecules
C. 1. 2-Glycosidic bond between two glucose molecules
D. 1, 4-Glycosidic bond between glucose and fructose molecules

It is an example of N-containing polysaccharide:
A. Cellulose
B. Chitin
C. Starch
D. Glycogen

are the major sites for the storage of glycogen in animals.
A. Around thighs and belly
B. Around belly and hips
C. Muscles and liver
D. Liver and kidneys

Unsaturated fatty acids may contain up to_double bonds.
А. 1

Phospholipids are derivatives of:
A. Diacylglycerol
B. Phosphatidic acid
C. Triacylglycerol
D. Lecithin

In aqueous medium, the most stable tertiary conformation is that in which:
A. Hydrophobic amino acids are buried inside
B. Hydrophobic amino acids are on the surface
C. Hydrophilic amino acids are buried inside
D. Only hydrophilic amino acids are present in it

When an assembly of more than one polypeptide occurs then

it is known as of protein.
A. Secondary structure
B. Tertiary structure
C. Primary structure
D. Quaternary structure

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