Kips Notes 1st Year Chemistry Entry Test Series

Kips notes 1st year chemistry chapter wise. Download part 1 chemistry Book in PDF. Kips chemistry notes,MCQs, key points with solution.

Kips Notes 1st Year Chemistry

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Sample MCQs From This Book

0.36moles of each aluminium and oxygen react with each to produce
aluminum oxide. The amount of product formed is
a. 18mole
b. 0.27mole
c. 0.24mole
d. 0.09mole
Which one of the following has the minimum number of isotopes?
a. oxygen
b. carbon
c. Iodine
Which one of the following is not the mono isotopic element?
a. arsenic
b. uranium
c. iodine
d. gold
The volume occupied by 2.8 g of Nq at STP ‘
a. 2.24 dm’
b. 22.4 dm’
c. 2 dm’
d. 112 cm’
The mass of decimole of electrons INA is
a. 1.008 mg
b. 0. 184 mg ‘
c. 0.054 mg
d. 5.4 mg
The number of moles of CO, which contains 16 g of oxygen is
a. 0.25
c. 0.75
d. 1.00

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