Kips Physics Practice Book Pdf 2022 For MDCAT Prep

Kips Physics practice book 2022 edition for N-MDCAT entry test preparation. Download KIPS Physics updated edition book in pdf. National MDCAT Kips Physics practice Book 2022 pdf download. You can also download MDCAT 2022 Preparation books from all publishers KIPS, STEP, STARS, redspot, etc

Kips Physics Practice Book 2022:

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Look at some salient features of this book as mentioned in the logo.

  • 1808 Practice MCQs
  • Questions from past papers
  • Answer Keys with Explanatory Notes
  • Topic -wise Practice Exercises
  • Topic-wise Self-Assessment Tests
  • pre-Assessment Test (Diagnostic Test)
  • Post-Assessment Test
  • (Sample Papers)

Download Kips MDCAT Physics practice Book 2022 edition in pdf.


Table Of Contents Kips Book 2022:

  • Pre-Assessment Test         
  • Measurement
  • Motion and Force          
  • Work, Energy, and Power 
  • Circular Motion
  • Oscillations
  • Waves
  • Light   ‘
  • Heat and Thermodynamics       

Topics MDCAT Physics Book

  • Electrostatics
  • Current Electricity
  • Electromagnetism
  • Electromagnetic Induction
  • Deformation of Solids
  • Electronics
  • Modern Physics
  • Nuclear physics
  • Post-Assessment Test

Sample MCQs of Book:

Two artificial satellites of unequal masses are revolving in a circular orbit around
the earth with a constant speed. Their time periods:
A) Will be different
C) Will be the same
B) Will depend on their masses
D) Will depend upon the place of their projection

The mud flies off the tire of a fast-moving car in the direction
A) parallel to the moving tire
C) antiparallel to the moving tire
B) tangent to the moving tire
D) None of these

In a uniform circular motion, the factor that remains constant is
A) Linear velocity
C) Centripetal force
B) Acceleration
D) Speed

A flywheel gaining speed of 540 rpm in 6 seconds. Its angular acceleration is
A) 3 rad s?
C) 6 i rad s
B) 9n rad s-2
D) 12 rad sa

One end of the string of length 1.0 m is tied to a body of mass 0.5 kg. It is whirled in
a vertical circle as shown in the figure below. If the angular frequency of the body is

4 rad s’, what is the tener in the string when the body is at the topmost point A?
Take g = 10 ms

Download Book 2022 Edition In Pdf:

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