KMU Entry Test Past Papers with Keys Download PDF

KMU Entry Test Past papers from 2019-2022 are available in PDF format. The 100-question test covers biology, chemistry, physics, English, Islamiat, and Pak Studies. We’ve given a key with the correct answers for each question to help you study. We hope this helps you prepare for the KMU CAT tests. Download the past papers of Khyber Medical University for the subjects listed below.

  • English MCQs
  • Biology MCQs
  • Chemistry MCQs
  • Physics MCQs
  • Islamiat MCQs
  • Pakistan study MCQs

Download the KMU CAT Test 2022 in PDF format. This resource will help you prepare for future KMU CAT exams. Inside is a thorough overview of the examination format and structure, including test-taking recommendations. You can also practice with practice questions.

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KMU Entry Test Past Papers CAT 2022:

The KMU CAT is an important admissions test for Khyber Medical University and related universities. After a few days of testing, the results are announced in September. On September 11, 2022, KMU administered the CAT.

Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and English/Islamiyat/Pak Studies are KMU CAT sections. The test is 1:30 long. Grammar, vocabulary, reading comprehension, and verbal reasoning will be tested in English. Current affairs, general knowledge, and logical reasoning will be tested in Islamiyat/Pak Studies. Practice and preparation are keys to the KMU CAT. Start preparing for the test by downloading the pattern and key.

KMU CAT 2022 Version ADownload
KMU CAT 2022 Version A KeysDownload
CAT 2022 Version BDownload
CAT 2022 Version B KeysDownload
KMU CAT 2022

Khyber Medical University CAT 2021 With Keys:

KMU CAT 2021 Version ADownload
KMU CAT 2021 Version A KeysDownload
CAT 2021 Version BDownload
CAT 2021 Version B KeysDownload
KMU CAT 2021

Entry Test CAT 2020 With Keys:

KMU CAT 2020 Version ADownload
KMU CAT 2020 Version A KeysDownload
CAT 2020 Version BDownload
CAT 2020 Version B KeysDownload
KMU CAT 2020
KMU Merit List 2022Download
KMU Final Merit List 2022

Importance Of KMU CAT:

KMU CAT is required for all BS Allied Health Sciences programs. This test measures critical thinking and problem-solving. It’s a good approach to test their English. Download the test and key if you want to take the KMU CAT in the future. We’ve included a PDF you may print or save on your phone. Success!

The KMU CAT Test is used to screen KMU applicants. In September, the test is given. Good news if you’re considering taking the test in the future. We’ve provided KMU CAT Test 2022 with a Key in PDF so you may study at your own pace. Download the file from our website.

Pattern Of KMU Entrance Test CAT:

Khyber Medical University, Pakistan, uses the KMU CAT Test to decide who gets into all of its Allied Health Sciences programs. It is a standard test that measures how well you understand what you read, how good you are at math, and how much you know about other things. The KMU is in charge of giving the test, which only has one part: the written exam (MCQs). The written test takes all day and is made up of 100 MCQs. Most middle school students who want to go to college or university the following school year take the KMU CAT Test. Some students get the right answer on their second or third try.

So, there you go! You can now see the KMU CAT Test for 2022. Just get the PDF, and you’re all set. We hope this test helped you. And don’t forget that the more you practice, the better you’ll do when it counts. So, best of luck, and let us know how it goes! Here, you can get the PDF file for the KMU entry Test with the Key. This is an excellent chance for you to get ready for the test. You’ll do better on the test if you have the key.

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