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KNACK institute MDCAT NUMS Entrance tests 2022. All tests are from nmdcat preparation session 2022. Including Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and English. KNACK Entry test preparation all subjects complete tests for nmdcat 2023. Test no 1 to test 22 including all subjects of PMC mdcat 2022.

KNACK Institute MDCAT NUMS Tests:

Look at some sample MCQs for nmdcat Biology Test 2022. Only for educational purposes. knack is a well-settled new institute for the preparation of nmdcat. First phase test preparation is free from Knack institute. Its the most affordable institute for the preparation of mdcat entry test in 2022.

Poisonous mushrooms are called:
(A) Tmffles
(B) Morels
(C) Toad Stools
(D) Agaricus

The simplest of all bryophytes are:
(A) Mosses
(B) Hornworts
(C) Liverworts
(D) Whish ferns

Which one of the following is not a sub-phylum of Chordata?
(A) Urochordata
(B) Hemichordata
(C) Cephalochordata
(D) Verteberata

All “flatworms” belong to phylum:
(A) Annelida
(B) Platyhelminthes
(C) Arthropoda
(D) Nematoda

The first action spectrum was obtained by:
(A) T.W. Engelmann
(B) Van Neil
(C) Melvin Calvin
(D) Ernst Haeckel

The dark reaction for photosynthesis occurs in:
(A) Cytoplasm
(B) Chloroplast
(C) Stroma
(D) Grana

Carbohydrate digesting enzymes are called:
(A) Ligase
(B) Amylase
(C) Protease
(D) Lipase

Which type of cells in the human stomach secrete Gastrin:
(A) Mucous Cells
(B) Parietal cells
(C) Zymogen cells
(D)Endocrine cells

Break down of alveoli of lungs is called:
(A) Asthma
(B) Emphysema
(C) Tuberculosis
(D) Lungs cancer

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