Kohat Board HSSC Result 2023

Kohat Board HSSC Result 2023: BISE Kohat has announced the HSSC Annual Examination 2022 BISE Kohat results after a long and exhausting examination process. In the past, BISE Kohat made every effort to implement reforms to ensure the highest standards and transparency in the examination process, such as online monitoring of examination centers via CCTV cameras from the BISE Kohat Control Room, and the introduction of a mobile application for online registration of UFM cases.

Kohat Board HSSC Part 1 & 2 annual examinations 2022 result for the following groups.


Furthermore, we have left no stone unturned in ensuring the availability of online facilities for candidates and institutions to submit online enrollment, registration, and admission data (paperless), among other things. Congratulations to all of the successful candidates, especially those who have secured positions in these examinations.
Those who are dissatisfied with their results should not lose heart because failure is a necessary step toward success.

They will renew their spirit and hope, knowing that nothing is impossible. It is true that the outcome of this level of education is critical because it serves as a watershed moment in candidates’ academic careers. Let me remind teachers that they have an obligation to educate students in conceptual knowledge so that they can become competent individuals in their practical lives and bring the country up to international standards, which is, of course, the need of the day.


BISE Kohat Position Holders

Kohat Board HSSC Result 2022:

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  • Overall Top Three Position Holders
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The result in your hands is nothing more than a story of collaborative efforts under the capable leadership and kind guidance of the worthy Chairperson, who ensured that the compilation of the result was completed on time. I am also deeply grateful to everyone who worked in the Secrecy Section, especially the computer programmer and his team, who worked until the wee hours of the morning to make it a reality. 

We attempted to declare an error-free result during compilation, but “to err is human.” As a result, it is sincerely hoped that minor print and punch errors will be overlooked. I cordially congratulate all of the position holders, their parents, and the relevant heads of institutions on their outstanding performance in the outcome. I am confident that you have been fairly compensated. You got what you deserved, and I hope you will continue to work hard to prove that you are an asset to our beloved country. However, unsuccessful candidates should not give up hope because failure is a stepping stone to success.

Grading Formula:

A770 TO 879
B660 TO 769
C550 TO 659
D440 TO 549
BISE KOHAT HSSC Result Grading Formula

HSSC Part 1 & 2 Result Gazette 2022 Kohat Board:

HSSC Part 1 Gazette 2022Download
HSSC Part 2 Gazette 2022Download
Kohart Board Result 2022 Gazette

Proclamation Intermediate (Annual) Examination, 2022:

1. The HSSC Annual Examination, BISE Kohat 2022, began on June 10, 2022, and ended on June 30, 2022. 
2. This result is only issued as a notice. Errors and omissions are permissible. A listing in it doesn’t give anyone any rights or special treatment when it comes to getting a certificate. Certificates will be given out according to the rules based on the original record held by the Board’s Office. 

3. If otherwise eligible, the results of those candidates who have not yet paid the required dues have also been declared provisionally. DMCs and provisional certificates will be issued to these candidates once their outstanding debts have been cleared. 
4. The Board reserves the right to correct any errors or omissions in the final product at any time. To ensure accuracy and correctness, great care has been taken. However, if an error or omission is discovered, the board should be notified immediately so that corrective action can be taken. The Board is not responsible for any mistake or omission that happened when this result was announced. 

Part-II Supplementary Examination:

5. Part-II candidates who must reappear in one or more papers/subjects must do so in three consecutive attempts, i.e., in three consecutive examinations beginning with their first appearance in the Part-II examination. Each year, chances are taken from the Annual Examination. If a candidate takes Part II for the first time in the Supplementary Examination of the year, the Annual Chance will be over. 

6. A candidate who is dissatisfied with his result may re-total in the paper(s) within 15 days of the announcement of the result by depositing Rs. 600/-per paper in any of the designated N.B.P branches within the jurisdiction of BISE Kohat. 
7. A candidate may file an appeal with the Chairman of the disciplinary committee within 15 days of the announcement of the results by depositing Rs. 1500/-in the N.B.P Branch under the jurisdiction of BISE Kohat.
8. The outcome of the UFM cases is displayed next to the candidates’ roll numbers.

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