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LND Guidance LND SLOs

LND Guidance LND SLOs: Literacy and Numeracy Drive is conducted by Punjab government (education department). In order to evaluate progress of students in the schools of Punjab. In 2015, first time Punjabi language was including into test as a separate subject. Literacy and Numeracy Drive LND is taking the step Punjab School Education. The PITB Punjab IT Board is also collaborating in this section.

LND Test is conducted by the students of class 3rd in Government and PEF schools in Punjab. This test is taking for the measurement of progressing and evaluation of government schools students. LND test consider the very important and essential. The MEA’s (Monitoring and Evaluation Assistants) take the LND test from the students of grade 3. MEA use the device or tablet for taking the test. The device have built-in application. These tests judge the progress of each school. LND conducted for the teachers performance. Who provide the quality education or not. That is the most important to know the pattern and syllabus of LND. Here we present LND Guidance LND SLOs LND Practice Tests and pattern for the most respected teachers.

Our team present LND data, LND Guidance LND SLOs for solving the problem of both the students and the teachers. The LND Test is the big issue to arise for the teachers. Our teachers look worried about this. Our team worked very hard to solve the issue. The content and LND Guidance will prove very helpful for the teachers and the students. Here we talk about the LND Guidance and LND SLOs . This is the most baneful for the teachers.

LND Test Pattern:

The test consists seven Multiple chose question from English, Urdu and Mathematics. Approximately 6 or 7 students of class 3 of every school select for LND.

  • LND Test is mandatory form the student of grade 3

For the best performance, The teachers should deliver the strong awareness in the students. As well as the teachers should develop the intellectual level as well as boosting and practicing the students.


Prior to giving these tests, schools will expect to conduct teacher-training workshops. So that all teachers are familiar with SLO. Additionally, teachers will give enough time during class to fully master each objective before they begin teaching it in their classrooms. The test series begins with an online diagnostic test that consists of 12 learning objectives which helps identify areas of strength and weakness for every grade.

LND English SLOs:

Sample of LND English
  • Identify the action words according to pictures.
  • Comprehension (Reading the paragraph and answers the questions).
  • Punctuation according to the rules (Question marks, full stop and Capitalization).
  • Identify the correct spelling.
  • Use of is/am/are.
  • Use of has/have.
  • Preposition
  • Use of was/were.
  • Blind words
  • Common and proper noun.

LND Mathematics SLOs:

Sample of LND Math
  • Add 3 or more digits numbers. Add 3 or more digits numbers with carry.
  • Subtract 3 or more digits numbers. Subtract 3 or more digits numbers with carry.
  • Fraction
  • Solve real life problem involving Addition and subtraction.
  • Read and write the time from the clock.
  • Multiplication within multiplication table.
  • Division within multiplication table.

LND Urdu SLOs:

Urdu SLOs

Tricks and technique to perform LND Test

Sometimes learners difficult to understand the question. The students can’t the perform well. For batter performance and to get good score in LND test. You should practice from the students.

Download Quality Documents of LND

We are providing all documents related to LND Guidance and LND SLOs. Here we are providing different quality documents like pdf, word, ppt etc. We hope you will be getting them helpful and useful. Moreover, you can get monthly tests as well. Hope that these downloads will help you a lot in your betterment. Thanks for visiting our website today. We expect more visits from your side in future too for download the study materials.

The LND Booklets PDF:

  1. Download the LND Booklet to practice

Download the LND Monthly Tests in PDF Format

  1. March, 2022 LND Test

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