MCAT Grand Test Solved MCQs For Entry Test 2023

MCAT grand test solved MCQs of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and English. MCQs for entry test with answer keys. MDCAT Entry test final round full syllabus test with solution 2023.

MCAT Grand Test Solved MCQs:

Look at some sample Multiple choice questions from this test of MCAT grand test solved MCQs.

  1. Protoplasm refers to
    i. Living material
    ii. Nucleated cytoplasm
    iii. Nuclear reticulum
    (a) I only (b) II only (c) I and II (d) II and III
  2. The compound produced by living organisms is called
    (a) Bio elements
    (b) Biomolecules
    (c) Both A and B
    (d) N.O.T
  3. Most abundant bio-element of living system
    (a) Sulphur
    (b) Nitrogen
    (c) Carbon
    (d) Oxygen
  4. All are correct regarding water else
    (a) Life activities occur in a cell due to the presence of water
    (b) Water molecules act as an amphoteric molecule
    (c) Water molecule behave as best solute
    (d) Water molecule show high heat capacity
  5. Force of attraction between the water molecules
    (a) Adhesive force
    (b) Cohesive force
    (c) Both of these
    (d) N.O.T

The above example MCQs are taken from MCAT Biology test portion. While other subjects MCQs with complete answers can be downloaded from the link below.

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