MCAT Past Papers of IQRA ETO Medical Admission Test

MCAT Past Papers of IQRA ETO Medical Admission Test Organization for talent enhancement.


Read the following and answer questions 1 & 2
Ask tho people hem about clomocrnw. and they can’t really exP|a|n]ii
ask them M)QU1 Jusllco, MD (My undorstnncl (t will, because unlike
democracy Him of jU8lico am pall of lives Also, a sense
Julia com fmm Islam (hind of tho Minos cm God have somehow not
with juslict}, famous. harmony or balance. Ibsucs of doctoral democracy
have no necessary relation Iq this, because In Pakistan electoral dermcm
hus Iilllc’ to do wIth the will of ordinary voters.
Answer tho quostion below;
1.what are the daily life common issues for ordinary people?
a. Issues of domocracy
b. Issues of justice
c. Issues of harmony
. d. Issues of neighbor
e. Issues of arm forces

2.NOt the democracy but the justice can be easily explained by
a. Scienhst
b. Politician
c. Ordina’y people
d. Elite class people
e. Literate people
Choose the word in option which is of similar meaning to the
a. Feeling
b. Disposition
c. judgement
d. Mandate
a. Conquer
b. Passion
c. Strict
d. Rude


11.Calculate centripetal force on a stone
rope, whirled in circle of radius lorn, ” 2 seconds.
k Of mass 2kg which is tied with “‘ I ‘ if it completes its one rotation in
a. ION
b. 20N
C. 10n’N
d. 2mn
12. A person of 100kg runs up a hill through a height of 1m in 2 second.· what is his average power output?
a. 100 W
b. 500W
C. 1000 W
d. 1500 W
13. A sound of frequency °’1″ is emitted from an 7.ambulance, which is
moving with velocity !3 v (v”velocity of sound) towards stationary person what will be the apparent frequency ” /’ ‘ near by person. .
a. f
C. 3/
14. In young double slit experiment at what conditions will the
separation of bright fringes be least?
Wavelength Distance from Distance between
slit to screen slits
a. Short Large Small .
b. Long Large Small
c. Short Small Large ‘
d Long Small Large
15. Astronomical telescope of length 1000cm having angular magnification of 99. what will be the focal length of eye piece?
a 1cm
b 2iun
c lOan
d 20cm

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