MCAT PHYSICS BOOK For Entry Test Preparation

Kips mcat physics book in pdf download. mdcat physics practice notes by kips. mdcat online preparation mcqs, notes and pdf books download free.

MCAT PHYSICS BOOK Table of Content

Here is all information about this book.Table of contents given below.

  • Physical Quantities
  • Basic Quantities
  • Derived Quantities
  • Supplementary Quantities
  • Measurement of physical Quantities
  • Ideal standard for Physical Quantities
  • Basic Unit
  • Derived Unit
  • Supplementary Unit
  • Scientific Notation
  • Multiplies
  • Sub-Multiples
  • Cause of errors
  • Random Errors
  • Systematic Errors
  • Reduction of Errors
  • Fractional Uncertainty
  • Percentage Uncertainty
  • Assessment of Total Uncertainty in final Result

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Sample MCQs from Physics Book

For atomic nucleus the binding energy per nucleon with increase in
mass number
A) Increases continuously
B) Decrease continuously
C) Remains constant
D) First increases and then decreases with increasing in mass number
The best place to store/dump nuclear waste is
A) Under the old salt mines
B) Under the sea ,
C) All of these
D) Into the soil
A fusion reaction is initiated with help of
A) High temperature
B) Low temperature
C) Neutrons
D) cl particles
The mass of the nucleus is always less that the total mass of the protons .and, neutrons that make up the nucleus. The difference of the
two masses is called
A) Mass defect
B) Mass excess
C) Binding energy
D) Packing fraction
Quarks are basic building block of
A) Mesons
B) Baryons
C) Electrons
D) a and b

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