MCAT Physics Unit 4 Solved MCQs Assessment Test

MCAT Physics Unit 4 solved mcqs assessment for mdcat and ecat entry test examination according to UHS and NUMS syllabus.

Sample MCQs from unit 4 Assessment

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The ratio of angular accretions of point A to that of It”
A) 1: 1
C) 3 :2
B) 2 :3
D) 1:6
A satellite appears to be at rest when seen from the equator. Its height from the earth surface is nearly
A) 35600 km
C) Such a satellite cannot exist
B) 356000 km
D) 6400 km
2xr subtends an angle of
A) I radian ‘
C) 4 radian
B) 2 radian
D) 2x rad
A body moving in a circular path with a constant speed has a
A) Constant velocity
C) Constant kinetic energy
B) Constant acceleration
D) Constant displacement
 A point on the km of a wheel 4 m in diameter has a velocity of 1600 cm s”‘. The
Angular velocity of the wheel is
A) 2md$”j
C) 4 rad s”‘
8)6 rad s”‘
D) 8 rad s”‘
A flywheel gains a speed of 540 rpm in 6 second. Its angular acceleration is
A) 3 x rad
C) 6 x rad s-2
8)9 Le rad s
D) l2krads”?
If the distance between the earth and the sun is reducing to one fourth, then the
number of days in one year approximately
A) 183
D) 365
A point On the rim or wheel 4 m in diameter has a velocity of 1600 cm s”1 The
Angular velocity of the wheel is.
A) 2 rad S”‘
C) rad
D) 8 rads


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