MCQs Of Biology For MDCAT Entry Test Chapter Wise Unit 10

MCQs of Biology| Entry test Biology solved MCQs chapter wise|Biology MCQs for Entry Test preparation Unit 10| MDCAT solved MCQs of Biology FSC part 1 chapter 10 in pdf free download. If you are taking the FSC Biology Entry Test, you should think about taking the online FSC Biology chapter-by-chapter tests to improve your chances of getting into the college you want.

These tests are very helpful because they help you learn more about the subject and get ready to answer questions from more than one chapter. This gives you an advantage over other students who only study one or two chapters at a time. But these tests aren’t as good as people say they are.

MCQs of Biology For MDCAT:

Read online Biology MCQs with answer keys. All past years solved MCQs of the MDCAT Biology part from 2009 to 2022. If you’ve got an important test coming up, there’s no reason to panic. There are plenty of tips you can use to help prepare yourself and guarantee that you perform at your best on a test.

For example, make sure you get a full night’s sleep before taking a big exam or quiz. A lack of sleep will likely lead to bad performance in your classes, which means that your results won’t be good enough to earn college credit. If your school gives students access to practice tests (either online or on paper), make sure that you take advantage of them!

MDCAT MCQs From Biology Section:

  1. l) Sharks and rays are included in class: (Entry Test 2009)
    a) c) Osteichthyes
    a) Cyclostoma
    b) d) Tetrapoda
    c) Chondrichthyes
    2) Name the vertebrates which are without jaws :(Entry Test 2009)
    a) Osteichthyes
    b) Cyclostoma
    c) Chondrichthyes
    d) None of these
    3) Which of the following are called placental mammals? (Entry Test 2009)
    a) Prototheria
    b) Eutheria
    c) Metatheria
    d) All of these
    4) Name the class without antenna: (Entry Test 2009)
    a) Arachnida
    b) Insecta
    c) Myriapoda
    d) Crustacea
    5) Which of the following damages wooden ships? (Emry Test 2009)
    a) Sepia
    b) Limax
    c) Teredo
    d) Ostrich
    6) Which of the following do not have a body cavity? (Entry Test 2009)
    a) Pseudocoelomata
    b) Coelomate
    c) Acoelomata
    d) None of these
    7) The sponges which belong to the phylum Porifera have:
    (Entrance Self-Test-2011)
    a). Maximum capacity to regenerate
    b) Very little capacity to regenerate
    c) Moderate capacity to regenerate
    d) No regeneration capacity
    8) The Platyhelminthes liver fluke is: (Entrance Self-Test-2011)
    a) Ectoparasite in humans
    b) Blood parasite
    c) Parasite of the respiratory tract
    d) Parasite in the bile duct
    9) Which of the following is of economic importance to man? (Entrance Self-Test-2011)
    a) Daphnia
    b) Millipede
    c) Silkworm
    d). Scorpion
    10) Fasciola is the name given to (Entry Test 2012)
    a) Tapeworm
    b) Planaria
    c) Liver fluke
    d) -Earthworm

Biology Solved MCQs Unit 10:

11) Ascaris is: (Entry Test 2012)
a) Diploblastic
b) Triploblastic
c) . Maptoic
d) Acoelomate
12) During development, in an animal, the mesoderm layer gives rise to:
(Entry Test 2012)
a) Nervous system
b) Alimentary canal lining
c) Muscular and skeletal system
d) Mouth
13) Polymorphism is the characteristic feature of (Entry Test-2012)
a) Porifera
b) Cnidaria
c) Annelida
d) Nematodes
14)” When beef which is not properly cooked is consumed by humans, they become infected by: (Entrance Test-2013)
a) Tapeworm
b) L Hookworm
c) Pinworm
d) Roundworm
15) Schistosoma is a parasite that lives in the……… of the host. (Entrance Test-2013)
a) Intestine
b) Kidney
c) Liver
d) Blood
16) The cavity between the body wall and the alimentary canal is: (Entrance Test-2013)
a) Coelom
b) Mesoderm
c) Endoderm
d) Mesoglea
17) The layer which forms the lining of the digestive tract and glands of the digestive system is: (Entrancc Test-2013)
a) Endoderm
b) Mesoderm
c) Endddern
d) Mesoglea
18) Ascaris is which one of the following? (Entrance Test-2014)
a) Intestinal parasite
b) Ectoparasite
c) Respiratory tract parasite
d) Urinogenital tract parasite
19) Polymorphism is a feature exhibited by members of (Entrance Test-2014)
a) Coelenterata
b) Arthropoda
c) Porifera
d) Platyhelmihthes
20) Which6ne of the following is the primary host of liver nuke? (Entrance Test-2014)
a) Man
b) Sheep
c) Snail
d) Dog

Past MDCAT Paper MCQs From Chapter 10:

21) Which one of the following is an example of a free-living carnivorous flatworm? (Entrance Test-2014)
a) Liver fluke
b) Dugesia
c) Tapeworm
d) Schistosoma
22)…….is a triploblastic organism. (Entrance Test-2015)
a) Jellyfish
b) Sea Anemone
c) Tapeworm
d) Corals
23) In arthropods, the body cavity -is in the form of (Entrance Test-2015)
a) Coelom
b) Haemocoel
c) Pseudocoelom
d) Enteron
24)……….is a good example of polymorphism. (Entrance Test-2015)
a) Hydra
b) Starfish
c) Obelia
d) Euplectella
25) ……….is also called a liver fluke. (Entrance Test-2015)
a) Dugesia
b) Taenia
c) Fasciola
d) Corals

26) Name common gut roundworm parasites of humans and pigs: (Entrance Test-2015)
a) Ascaris lumbricoides
b) Pheretima Posthuma
c) Lumbricus terresaris
d) Hirudo medicinalis
27) ……is an endoparasite of humans, pigs,s and cattle which belongs to phylum: • (Entrance Test-2016)
a) Annelida
b) Cnidaria
c) Platyhelminthes
d) Aéchelminthes
28) Body consists of segments called proglottids which contain mainly sex organs.
(Entrance Test-2016)
a) Fasciola
b) Planaria
c) Tapeworm
d) A/caris

29,) … a common parasite of the Intestine of humans and pigs which belongs to the phylum Nematode.
(Entrance Test-2016)
a) Ascaris lumbricoides
b) Teria solium
c) Fasciola hepatica
d) Schistosoma
30) ……is an intestinal parasite of a man belonging to phylum nematode? (Entry test-2017)*
a) Taenia solium
b) Wucheronia bancrofti
c) Ascaris lumbricoides
d) Schistosoma

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