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MCQs of Biology Fsc for annual examination preparation. Download Biology MCQs in pdf for preparation of Fsc, mdcat and lecturer jobs.

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Sample MCQs from this Book

Which of the following is not true of malaria patient?

a. feels cold and chilly
b. feels headache
c. feels appetite
d. temperature rises up to 106 oF

Correct Ans. (c)

It is a site of certain metabolic pathways:

a. Cell wall

b. Plasma membrane

c. Cytoplasm

d. A & B

Correct Ans. (c)

Which of the following features is not shared by prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells?

a. Ribosome
b. Cytoplasm
c. Cell membrane
d. Nuclear membrane

Correct Ans. D

Which of the following cell organelles is present in both plant and animal cells?

a. Chlorophyll
b. Plasma membrane
c. Plastids
d. Cell wall Correct

Ans. B

Which of the structures is not found in a prokaryotic cell?

a. Plasma membrane
b. Nuclear envelope
c. Ribosome
d. Cell wall

Correct Ans. B

Which of the following bodies is not bounded by a double membrane structure?

a. mitochondrion

b. chloroplast

c. Lysosome

d. Nucleus

Correct Ans. C

The nucleolus is largely composed of RNA and

a. lipid
b. Glucose
c. Wax
d. Protein

Correct Ans. D

It is the most abundant carbohydrate in nature:

a. Glucose
b. Fructose
c. Cellulose
d. Starch

Correct Ans. C

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